Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Time to write again. We were excited to include some onions and leaf lettuce from my pallet garden in a salad last night. Its cool to pick things that you are growing..........We did take Bella to the vet about a week ago. She had quite the fever for a couple of days and wouldn't eat or drink. Then all of a sudden the fever broke. OK, that was good. Then the next day she got a fever again, so we took her right in to her vet. He checked her out and couldn't find a reason for her having a fever. He gave her an antibiotic and shes been fine ever since. That sure worried us. I'm just gonna write about the pictures. They sum up whats been going on with us.

Dan has taken his mom out of the nursing home a few times in the last couple of weeks. Took her to get a haircut then out to pizza, took her to my brother's retirement party, and took her to a BBQ at Jason's house.

Dan's mom is making her way across the yard, heading to look at my pallet garden.
Checking out my little garden. It looks a little different now as its been growing pretty good. You'll see in more pictures later down the page.
Dan had an appointment at the Seattle VA and I went with him this time. We are getting onto the ferry.
Going over to Seattle this boat came so close to the ferry that the captain blew his horn about 15 times. The boat was totally in the wrong. He broke the rules of the water. Dan mentioned that maybe he had the boat on auto pilot and wasn't at the helm and not paying attention to the HUGE ferry coming towards it. Then we had another smaller boat race in front of us, closer then the first boat, the captain blew the horn several times, then the boat came back and went in front of the ferry again. I don't know what both boats were trying to prove because its not like the ferry can just stop dead in the water to avoid them. It was crazy.
Straight ahead is Smith Tower. It used to be the tallest building back in the day.
My youngest son Jason and his lady love Jenny cracking up at my brother's retirement party.
My younger brother John. who FINALLY retired! He is gonna LOVE being retired. I'm so happy for him.
Dan and his new toy. Its a Hubson X4 501ss advanced drone. He likes this as it has GPS and comes right back to where it took off. His airplane and helicopters don't have that and they "visited" the trees quite often. LOL LOL

Pretty rhododendron in the yard

OK, these pictures are at Jason's house for a Mother's Day BBQ. This is my brother-in-law Dennis and his little grand, Octavia.
My sister Peggy, my niece Annalisa, and my step-mom Susan. They along with Dennis and the baby, drove from Bellingham, WA to Port Orchard, WA where Jason lives for the day to be with us. How cool is that for a long day trip!
Sister Peggy and son Jason
Mostly Jenny's family. Front row Jenny's daughters, Taylor, Michaela, Autumn, Brittney
2nd row....Linda(Jenny's mom) Jenny, sister Peggy, me, Dan holding Octavia, Susan, Annalisa
3rd row....Jason, Sam(Linda's husband) and Dennis
                               Me and Jason
                                     Me and Susan
Annalisa with her dad Dennis and her daughter Octavia
                                            Jenny and Jason
                                      Dan and his mom, Mary
Jenny and her girls. Autumn, Brittney, Mom Jenny, Taylor, Michaela
                               I LOVE the scent of Lilacs!
I gave the squirrels a smorgasbord. They loved it.
Here is what my pallet garden looks like now. Stuff has really grown. I've transplanted radishes into 4 pots and they seem to be doing OK. Not having to pull weeds is a real bonus!

Thursday, April 26, 2018


And, here I am again after about 2 1/2 months of not writing. Life goes on and we just float along with it........Not to be sad, but it was two years ago today that my Mom passed away. I'll be thinking of her more then normal. Miss her VERY much!.............Dan's son and family have been over and its always nice to see them. We did get a new refrigerator put in. Ours finally just gave up keeping things cold. Thank goodness we don't have to haul our rig anywhere to get stuff like that done. We have a mobile RV repair guy who will come to us. A little bit more expensive, but worth it to us. We are paying for convenience. We don't have to make a trip somewhere and pay for possible motel stays. I like our new fridge even though its the same kind as the old one. He also came to us a couple of years ago to repair our furnace. Hope he never goes out of business.....................Dan has been getting rid of the weeds in the yard and orchard and has already been out on the riding lawnmower. The grass has been growing fast and its so green. Not like last summer where it only needed mowing twice and it was brown, brown, brown. Everything is starting to bloom too. The lilacs and dogwood tree are looking good.

Here is Annabella, Dan's youngest grand. She has LOTS of hair!
Papa Dan with one tired Annabella
Dan's son Andrew, wife Tia, and kids all came to see Dan's mom Mary
The beginning of my pallet garden. We put garden fabric on the bottom of the pallet and stapled it to the bottom and up the sides. No weeding for me. I found a young man on our local marketplace on FB who was getting rid of a free pallet. Works for me.

We had another smaller pallet that got the fabric treatment also. Dan cut some of the slats so there was more room between them. I got my pictures out of order, but you can see what we did.
The two pallets put together
Filling it in with topsoil. The upper right corner is filled in also.
Hopefully the different lettuce, radishes, carrots, cauliflower, peppers, strawberries, onions, and parsley will take root and flourish as I have a brown thumb. Time will tell.

Bella found herself a new place to chill. She likes this spot on the wheelbarrow. Dan left it there for awhile until she got tired of it.
I NEVER do selfies! I gave in and tried doing one. Turned out OK I guess.
Me and my sister Peggy from Bellingham, WA. She was a craft fair reading cards for people. Easier to put her web-site on here then to explain it.
Both sisters, Peggy and Christine
All set up and ready to read cards

Dan is getting some new teeth. Part of his Mexican teeth broke off on the upper left side of his mouth. They lasted for about 10 years. Not bad I guess. Hope mine last longer. Its SO expensive to get work done here at home! He is showing off what he will eventually be wearing permanently. First he has to have surgery in his mouth. Step by step, money, money, money, and lots of time. Everything was done in less then a week in Mexico. Oh sigh. At least he won't look like an old hillbilly soon. LOL LOL......Couldn't resist. :-)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Its 2018! Hard to believe that......Been a very long time since I wrote. As we haven't been traveling for the last 2 1/2 years, who wants to hear about our everyday life? Well, I guess you're stuck reading little blurbs about the pictures.

I know this is before Christmas. Bella was "helping" Dan prune one of the trees in the orchard. She is always ready to climb up the ladder, even if its leaning.
Dan's twins, Andrew and Audrey, meeting up with them for lunch/dinner.
Ahhhhh, Dan is decorating our little Christmas tree.

My sister Christine only put up a few blowups this year.
Dan with two of his grands and daughter-in-law. Annabelle, Amelia, and Tia.
Dan with his son Andrew working on Andrew's truck.
Sister Christine loves babies and they love her. Annabella chillin' out.
Dan's daughter Audrey with Annabelle.
Dan's daughter-in-law Tia with Elowyn.
Ahhhhhh.........Audrey holding Annabella.........
Andrew and Amelia on the quad.

Amelia, Andrew, and Elowyn on the quad. Elowyn LOVED the quad! Audrey chatting with her.
Andrew and Elowyn at our local favorite Chinese joint.
Bella is "helping" Dan trim another tree.
It was POURING out!
Tia took Annabelle and Elowyn to see Dan's mom Mary when she was in the hospital.

The crocus think its springtime.
The crocus are all over the orchard.
My niece Tonya painted Jack Skellington for me. Love my rock!
The rest of these pictures are really special. They are of my oldest son, Michael's, grand kids and daughter. He hadn't seen his daughter Trista for 14 years. She wanted to meet up with him. I was so excited to hear this. I can't believe that I'm a great-grandma! This little girl is Zusanna.
My son Michael and Zusanna

Their dad Gregory with Madeline

Michael with his daughter Trista. I love my granddaughter! I haven't seen her in many year. Maybe someday that will happen.
My great-niece, Grace, drew this for me. Too funny.