Thursday, June 08, 2017


Its raining today. Blaaaa.........Its been so nice out for the last couple of weeks or so and we sure did enjoy it. Dan was busy washing the 5th wheel and pressure washed/washed/waxed the truck and my car. He also had enough good weather so he could get on top of our rig to put new sealer around our fantastic fans. We did have blue tarps over two of the fans all winter to keep the rain and snow out. So glad the tarps are off now. Our rig looks pretty good now. Dan sure did love his heating pad after all that work! Also during the nice weather, we had a "going away" BBQ for my niece Jennifer and her family. They are moving back to Illinois. It was really strange to see lots of little kids playing in the orchard. I took all the little kids on a quad ride around the property. They sure did like that and it was nice for me to be back on the quad. I miss riding it in the desert......We also went to a small graduation get together at one of the local bowling alleys. It was for Jason's stepdaughter, Taylor. It was bowling with rock n roll. I loved the music and had fun watching everyone bowl.

This is what happens to Bella when shes been out playing in the sun. Nap time.
Dan is hard at work cleaning our home.

Our little pal, Bob, likes cherries and grapes. Bob is actually a girl but we didn't really notice until later. She is still Bob to us. We also have a Bobbie which turned out to be a boy. LOL LOL LOL
Bob is very friendly and not afraid of us or Bella.
I hung my plastic bag with "special nuts" on the chair. Special nuts are walnuts, filberts, and pecans. Nuts that the squirrels don't get all the time. Well, Bob seen the nuts in the bag and discovered how she was gonna get some. Bella was sitting there watching her and I was sitting in a chair close by taking pictures.
Hmmmmmm. Trying to figure out how shes gonna get in there.

LOL. She found the opening.
And, down she goes. Lots of treasures to choose from.
Yum. She found a tasty pecan.
Jason being silly at the bowling alley.
Here is Dan and Bella on our last sunny day before the rain came. Dan is doing some clipping and Bella is just chillin'.

Sunday, May 14, 2017


HAPPY MOMMIES DAY! Going to son Jason's house for dinner. He is cooking. YUM!....Missing my Mom. Oh sigh.............Its been awhile since I wrote. Nothing real exciting to write about seeing as we aren't traveling. Its been pretty damp here so getting to see some blue sky is a treat. I did take a weekend train trip north to Bellingham on the Amtrak. Went to my niece's baby shower. Always like riding on the train. I had to ride a bus from Seattle to Everett because a mud slide, but then I was able to get on the train. I ride business class so I can have a bigger seat and more leg room. Works for me! Other then that, just been mostly hanging out at home. Did go out to the Clearwater Casino with Christine to Jenny's birthday party. It was all 80's music which I really liked. Came out $8.40 ahead on the slots. Works for me. Better then being in the hole...........Here are some pictures to enjoy. :-)

Tucker is chasing birds up in the apple tree
Hmmmmmmm.....Can I get that one?
Bella hanging out waiting for the rain to stop
Soon to be Mommy, Annalisa, my niece
Me and Annalisa
Soon to be first time grandma, my sister Peggy
Yup, that's us
Dan's Hibiscus "woke up" from being dormant since last October

Apple blossoms
I wish you could see this little guy better. I believe he either got hit by a car or had a stroke. We call him Tipsy because he now runs sideways, his eye is drooping, and he looses his balance. He is getting better as he doesn't fall over as much when trying to sit up and eat a nut. He will come out from wherever he lives and if he sees that we are outside, actively seek us out looking for a nut.
Dan bought my sister Christine a new lawnmower. Her old one is crap. Although Dan did put a new carburetor on it so maybe she can sell it and make a little money.

Jenny and son Jason out celebrating Jenny's birthday
Getting on their groove :-)
Dan's Hibiscus with 4 blooms
Then with 5 blooms. That hasn't ever happened before.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

4/1/17 April Fool's Day

Happy Birthday Grandma Mabel. You would have been 113 years old. I sure do miss you. G Mabel, Mom, Me, and sister Christine in front. Bottom picture is me and Grandma when I was 14 and she was 60. Just a blast from the past

Been awhile since I wrote. Not much too much to say. Dan has been doing his "mom duties" in Auburn, WA and goes at least twice a month. Its been really wet and rainy so we take Bella out to play in between rain drops. No chance of traveling in the near future. Oh sigh. Soon as the weather gets better Dan will start on the maintenance that needs to be done on our rig. The outside maintenance.

Its much easier to put pictures on here because I don't have much to write about. Of course the squirrels in the orchard love us. They love the feeder I got for them. This is right after I got it. Now it is under cover inside a cardboard box with an opening for them to access the nut box inside. I did this because the crows can get into the opening.

Tucker out cruising

Its trying to be Spring
Dan is cracking Brazil nuts for the squirrels. They can actually crack them with their sharp teeth, but we also wanted to eat some. They are yummy.
We needed something small to fit in the bathroom to hold toilet paper and whatever else. Its hard to find narrow stuff, but I came across this online, ordered it, put it together and we have a neat little storage unit. I put the cats on the side of it.

It snowed one more time and melted away. YUK!

Bella watched it snow, probably had bad thoughts, so she went back to bed. lol lol
Bella is in the lower left corner stalking birds in the bush in between rain drops. The big tree in the picture is leaning pretty good. I think it will eventually fall in a big wind. We tend to not go too close to it when its windy out. Hopefully it won't fall because I know there are at least 3 squirrel nests in it.
One little squirrel helping himself to a smorgasbord of nuts. Peanuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts, and filberts. We will lay them on the bench for them when we're close by. Can't lay them and leave them because the crows spot them and start "yelling" at all their buddies about free food.

Son Jason just being silly at a Pampered Chef Party at his house.