Thursday, February 09, 2017


Its been awhile since I wrote anything. Life has been busy and we've both been sick with winter colds. We were gone for a week in Auburn, WA moving Dan's mom from a rehab/nursing home place to assisted living. That was some back breaking work on the first day because it was just Dan and I moving stuff from her storage unit into the rental truck. Thank goodness Dan's daughter Audrey and 2 of his grands came the next day to help us. What a relief that was for both of us. I little think we pretty well got her set up. I'm home now and getting over my first cold in about 3 years. The good old head cold. GRRRRR........Dan had to return to Auburn to take his mom to a doctor appointment and he'll be gone a couple of days..........Its just been crappy weather here. Rain and snow and cold, cold, cold. Its raining so hard right now as I write this, that we could soap up our rig and let the rain water rinse it. The ground is turning to mush from all the snow and rain. Its SO soggy we might actually "settle" a little on the boards that we're parked on. No joke. When Dan gets back hes gotta trouble shoot our fridge. We've never had anything go wrong with it in all the 11 years we've been living in our rig. It doesn't cool like it should. We're hoping it just needs some extra maintenance. He keeps up with regular maintenance on our fridge, furnace, and hot water heater. Guess we'll see. And life goes on.................

I haven't been taking too many pictures. We love this little squirrel, a tiny brown squirrel, that was hanging out on the apple tree. He was actually quite friendly and VERY loud.

Here is the snow that we have now that is finally melting. We got about 6 to 8", depending on where we were standing in the yard.

Bella wasn't happy about it
Here are some pictures from around the yard. My pictures are not in order, so Dan and Bella are in the middle of my scenery pictures.

We finally got Bella to come outside in the snow as you will see in some pictures below.

The back steps on our rig
Bella looking out deciding if she wants to attempt going out.
As you can see, Dan swept the snow off the steps and she ventured out.
Looking out the garage window trying to make that decision of going any farther.
She finally got brave
This was something new to her sinking into the snow as she tried to navigate

She didn't last very long outside
My sister's dog Max came outside for a few minutes too. He didn't last as long as Bella. I think his belly and little winkie got cold.

Friday, January 06, 2017


I can't believe its 2017! OMG! Time seems to be flying right by us. We've been sitting here in Bremerton for 1 1/2 years! Wish we could go travel again. Its been FRIGID here. Its been so cold that Bella only stays out for about an hour, if that, then heads to our rig to warm up. Right now its all about layers of warm clothes. Its colder then last winter, thats for sure! We go through a lot of propane. Good thing the gas station where we get the propane is only 3 blocks away. We sure can't leave our water hose and the hoses we use for dumping the black/grey water on the ground right now. They would freeze solid. I keep a bowl of water out in the orchard for the squirrels and it freezes every night. I knock the ice out of the bowl to take it in the house to refill it and have come back outside to see squirrels trying to dig into the thick ice with their teeth to get some water. Anyway, its time to take Bella out in the cold for some playtime.

LOL LOL.......I bought Jason a new gun........
YUM! Went to Jason and Jenny's house for Christmas dinner. Jason is always a good cook.

Jenny and Jason in our 5th wheel. This is how we visit. LOL LOL LOL LOL
OH NO! It snowed again. Thank goodness it only lasted a day...........

Bella finds ways to entertain herself. It was all about wrapping paper and then a black bag.....

My sister's mutt, Max, in his Christmas sweater........
Jason taking aim with his plunger gun. (yes, a plunger that you can really use)  Pull the trigger and it goes "bang". LOL LOL
First Christmas without my Mom. My niece Tonya is sitting in Mom's place........

Sunday, December 11, 2016

12/11/16 snow day

First snow for December on Dec 9th. Hopefully the last. LOL LOL.........In my last post I posted a few pictures the night it was snowing lightly. Here are pictures from the next day, Dec 10th. The snow was only here for one day. Thank goodness.

The back steps coming out of the garage on our 5th wheel
My unhappy car
Looking at the blueberry bushes out in the orchard
My sister's Jeep
Two lilac bushes with the orchard in the background
Trees around the property

Dan inviting Bella to come play in the snow. Shes rather skeptical about coming out.

She doesn't like her paws getting so wet and cold. I don't blame her. We had a leak at a water faucet. That is why you're seeing grass.

Soon as we go outside, the squirrels start coming around looking for peanuts. Most all of them approach us and when we're moving around the yard with Bella, they will follow us. The squirrel on the left is our black squirrel. Trying to figure out if its a male or female.

Bella sitting on the bench deciding if shes gonna go stalk birds.
She eventually ventured off the bench but kept coming back to it or to sit on my lap. Dan finally got her a chair so she could stalk birds without having to lay in the snow. She only got down when she was gonna try and catch a bird. Then back up to the chair again.