Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Its 2018! Hard to believe that......Been a very long time since I wrote. As we haven't been traveling for the last 2 1/2 years, who wants to hear about our everyday life? Well, I guess you're stuck reading little blurbs about the pictures.

I know this is before Christmas. Bella was "helping" Dan prune one of the trees in the orchard. She is always ready to climb up the ladder, even if its leaning.
Dan's twins, Andrew and Audrey, meeting up with them for lunch/dinner.
Ahhhhh, Dan is decorating our little Christmas tree.

My sister Christine only put up a few blowups this year.
Dan with two of his grands and daughter-in-law. Annabelle, Amelia, and Tia.
Dan with his son Andrew working on Andrew's truck.
Sister Christine loves babies and they love her. Annabella chillin' out.
Dan's daughter Audrey with Annabelle.
Dan's daughter-in-law Tia with Elowyn.
Ahhhhhh.........Audrey holding Annabella.........
Andrew and Amelia on the quad.

Amelia, Andrew, and Elowyn on the quad. Elowyn LOVED the quad! Audrey chatting with her.
Andrew and Elowyn at our local favorite Chinese joint.
Bella is "helping" Dan trim another tree.
It was POURING out!
Tia took Annabelle and Elowyn to see Dan's mom Mary when she was in the hospital.

The crocus think its springtime.
The crocus are all over the orchard.
My niece Tonya painted Jack Skellington for me. Love my rock!
The rest of these pictures are really special. They are of my oldest son, Michael's, grand kids and daughter. He hadn't seen his daughter Trista for 14 years. She wanted to meet up with him. I was so excited to hear this. I can't believe that I'm a great-grandma! This little girl is Zusanna.
My son Michael and Zusanna

Their dad Gregory with Madeline

Michael with his daughter Trista. I love my granddaughter! I haven't seen her in many year. Maybe someday that will happen.
My great-niece, Grace, drew this for me. Too funny.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017


Again its been awhile since I last wrote. Since then life just goes on and on. VA appointments for Dan and just hanging out being retired. I did attend my 50th high school informal class reunion at a local beer joint. A couple of friends talked me into it, otherwise, I never would have gone. I just sat back and was like a big sponge taking it all in. Said hi to lots of people and will admit that I pretty much enjoyed myself while I was there. I didn't go to the dinner/dance or the picnic. I probably won't go to another one. Its just not my thing. Well, maybe. We'll see. :-) Dan's grandson Ryan came to see us. That was fun. His dad John brought him over. He loved riding the quad all over the yard. There was no stopping him. I believe he had a great time..........And Halloween has come and gone. More trick or treaters then normal were out and about. Maybe because it wasn't raining this time.

Here is Ryan riding on the quad
Boy oh boy he had fun!

He is actually taller then me now. Dan's grands are sure growing up fast!
Ryan's dad John and Dan "discussing" stuff.

Me and John
All ready for Halloween
Our indoor greenhouse. lol lol......Dan's two hibiscus will live under the grow light for the winter
Bella chillin' up on her perch. Did you all really think that Bella wouldn't show up on this blog entry? LOL LOL
We always keep fresh water out for the animals
One of Dan's hibiscus
This is what Bella does to me every morning
 This is about as artistic as I get. They looked OK but I didn't clean them out very good inside. I learned that my hands and arms just are not as strong as they used to be and they got sore trying to scrape out all the pumpkin stuff.

The "Christine" plants in the yard are still blooming. Pretty, pretty flower. (Hollyhocks)