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Well, here I am again putting off writing in my blog. Life just seems to pass me right by lately. We have actually been doing things but I'm just too lazy to make a blog entry. Its actually been really dry outside all summer and the beginning of autumn, but now the weather is getting chilly and kind of wet. Pretty soon it will be too cold for Dan's hibiscus to live outside. We still have peppers to pick and the late blooming strawberries are very sweet. Today, 10/7, we are meeting up with Dan's grand Ryan and his dad John here in Bremerton for dinner. They are riding the ferry from Seattle. We haven't seen them in several months. Tomorrow, 10/8, I'll be heading to Tacoma going to an appointment with a knee surgeon. I'm getting closer to getting a new knee. First one then eventually the other. I'm so tried of my knees aching all the time. And that's about it for now.

I was in Grocery Outlet one day and was getting some veggies. I looked up and found this coconut smiling down at me. What a jolly looking coconut it was. I was cracking up and had to take this picture.
Of course a blog entry can't be posted without Bella being in it.
Dan has been busy doing maintenance on our rig. He was on the roof washing it and cleaning all 6 of our solar panels.

Dan's hibiscus, since "waking up", has really been blooming. We put them in an enclosure with the hot peppers so the squirrels couldn't get to them. They are so pretty.

We bought one of those crinkly hoses during the summer. I liked it cause it was so easy to take care of and it was lightweight. One day it built up pressure and burst. The hose was only about a month old. We sent these pictures to the place we bought it online and they reimbursed us.

This is my friend Irene and Sue. We try and get together at twice a year for a latte and chat. They are fun to talk with.
Son Jason and Jenny and 3 of her kids all came to the d-derby with us. It was during the Kitsap County Fair. I think they all had a good time. I love it when I can spend time with my son.

Bella and Tucker eating together in the same airspace. That doesn't happen often. Bella is so jealous of Tucker that when I give Tucker nummies, Bella has to be right there too. Its too funny!
With our friends Joanne and Dick. I've known Dick since I was about 5 or 6 years old.
Dan took the Harley out of our storage shed and took his daughter Audrey out for a ride. We have sold the bike to Audrey who will someday come take it away. But in the meantime Dan takes it out to make some noise in the neighborhood and rattle some windows.
I was in Costco in September and they were selling Christmas crap already. UGH!
Our local squirrels have been cleaning me out of peanuts and almonds. Especially the 4 "moms" we have around here. Some of their babies are starting to venture out and about.

LOL LOL LOL LOL...........Look at this funny person!
Bella found this bug. She thinks all small creatures are called bugs except for the word lizard. Never seen a praying mantis in the yard before.
Creepy. It was watching me as I was taking the picture. Bella sniffed him then didn't bother him again and he eventually just ventured on.
After Dan finished the roof, he started in with all the caulking. All the way around the 5th wheel he scraped of the old caulk, taped, and replaced old caulk with the new caulk. That took about 2 labor intensive work. Good thing it didn't rain.

Dan's youngest granddaughter, Annabelle, turned 1 and we went to her birthday party.
Auntie Audrey with Annabelle.

Happy, happy 1 year old!
Mom and Annabelle
LOL LOL.........Granddaughter Tiffany was under the box for quite awhile. I think she was eating cake and just being silly. She was watching us through the opening.
Second to the youngest granddaughter, Elowyn, just being silly.
Bella doing some tree climbing

The last major thing Dan did to our rig was to get it level again. It had been sitting in the same spot for 3 years now and had sunk into the ground. He pulled it forward off the old boards and replaced everything. You can can see how far we sunk.

People probably thought we were crazy pulling out towards the road with all the slides out and the satellite dish still up. LOL LOL.........

Well, oops. Shame on Dan. He backed into a mailbox. Sure glad it wasn't me!
Now that the 5th wheel is all leveled and on new boards, it sits a little higher. Dan made a step for the front door of our rig so the first step wasn't so high.

And here is our rig sitting on new boards and all level. Also shows the step Dan made.

All ready for Halloween. My flamingo with is ready and the bony guy is just hanging around. :-)

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad to see you haven't given up on Blogland and your followers.
Watching the Grands growing always puts a smile on our faces. Cute!
Whether sitting still or on the road there's always maintenance to do.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.