Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!!!!!!!! Going to Tarpon Springs, Florida was busy busy busy! We rented a house for all of us going right on a lake. It was an older house but had everything we needed. We could fish, play in the water, sit and enjoy the warm evenings, and took the canoe out. Heres a list of who went with us and who shared the house. Me and Dan, of course. Mary, Dan's mom Tammy and Ryan, Dan's oldest daughter and 3 year old grandkid Audrey and Caleb, Dan's youngest daughter and 12 year old grandkid Michael, my oldest son met us there and brought his wife Patti and her two daughters, Jordyn and Johnna. Michael lives about 5 hours north in Bainbridge, Georgia. I'm so happy he could drive down to see me. We hadn't seen each other for almost 3 years....I think they all had a good time at the house....Tammy,Tia,Andrew,Caleb,Mary,Dan Andrew, Dan's son, and Tia had a nice wedding. Andrew is Audrey's twin. I'm just gonna put a few pictures on here with captions of who is in the picture, where its taken as at the wedding, and some pictures of Busch Gardens. We went there twice.....Dan and Audrey out in the canoe. Dan taking his mom out in the canoe. Tia and Andrew, the newlyweds.....Gary, Dee's hubby, Dee, Andrew's mom, Tia and Andrew, Dan and me....Tia, Andrew, Dan, and me..........twins.......Tammy and Ryan.......BJ, Tia's mom and Dana, her friends, Tia and Jen.......Dan and Caleb, Papa and grandkid.........Audrey.........Michael and me.........Patti, Jordyn, Johnna, Michael's family at Busch Gardens........Dan's mom flirting........Mary feeding a bird........Dan and his girls on a roller coaster........Michael and his girls on a roller coaster.............I think everyone had a good time. Busch Gardens has lots of different roller coasters. I think Dan rode on all of them. So did Michael. Audrey and Tammy went on some and so did Michael's girls. We all liked going to Busch Gardens. Its a really pretty park. The weather was nice the whole time we were there except for one rain shower. That didn't last long, then it was steamy and muggy. Suits me just fine cause I hate being cold. Here is a web-site you can check out. Andrew and Tia got married on "The StarLite Princess Riverboat". You can read about this neat boat. cruised on it for about 5 hours. Wedding, reception, and lunch. We stayed really busy the whole time we were there except for the last day. Michael and family had gone back home, Andrew and Tia were off honeymooning, Tammy and Ryan had gone to Disneyworld, and me,Dan, and his mom stayed at the house all day and we were all very lazy. Dan did some fishing. Caught a couple of fish and 3 turtles. One was big!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took awhile for Dan to get him reeled in close enough to get him off the hook. Just as the turtle got close, the line snapped and away he swam........Here is my favorite picture of the whole trip. Yup, its Dan. I happen to think he is HOT and looks good in his tux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....Since we've been home its still kinda busy. I've been working on downloading and editing pictures and that always takes alot of time. Jason and Becky, her daughter Lisa and a friend, have been over for a bbq. Jason is always busy busy busy and I want to park the quad in the old garage for awhile. Well, its a mess but Jason started restacking things so there would be room for the quad and the riding lawn mower. What a good son I have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ......We'll be taking Dan's mom back up north to Bellingham this week and Dan's birthday is on 5/30. German chocolate cupcakes gonna be made for him!


Donna said...

Great pictures Patty!!So happy that you all had a wonderful time! I especially love the picture of Dan and Michael...granpa and grandson...Wonderful! Did you take it? You did good!! Glad you're back Girl!hughugs

Anonymous said...

Send us the pictures of us mom!

Love the one of Patti and the girls with the tall people. It's my desktop now.

Love You!