Monday, February 09, 2009

Friday, 2/6...........Its been raining all day. The ground is starting to have "standing" water. Theres no where for it to go. We can look out the window facing the dry wash and see the water flowing like a small creek. Thats the first time we've seen running water in the dry wash in the 3 years we've been parking in this spot. I'm trying to take some pictures of the water running in the dry wash, but its not working. Its too dark outside and I'm too lazy to go out in the rain and get closer. Its not really that cold, just very wet. Our truck and quad were VERY dusty and dirty. They are both looking pretty good right now after sitting all day in the rain. With all the rain we are getting the desert should be turning greener and maybe we'll get to see some flowers start to bloom. That would be cool. I can't wait to go out on a quad ride and take pictures of the blooming desert flowers................. Saturday, 2/7....we went to a craft fair and did the normal chores. Getting water/propane/gas and did laundry. Quartzsite isn't as crowded as it has been. The Big Tent is now gone so alot of people left too. Town is emptier and I sure like that............ Sunday, 2/8 was a very good day. Kathy and I drove to Yuma for the "Yuma Event #6" for geocachers. The ride to Yuma was long and boring like always except for when we got about 10 or 12 miles outside the city. Then we hit the thick fog that settles in over the fields of all the different veggies that are grown there. Before we got into Yuma, we stopped by a roadside fruit/veggie stand. I bought some yummy strawberries, 3 red peppers, and 2 nice bunches of asparagus. YUM! The event was held at Gateway Park. This is a nice park that is right near the Yuma Territorial Prison. I'd never been to a geocaching event but Kathy has. It was all free and it was fun. We registered and were given a ticket when we got there and then we got all the coordinates for the "walking geocache poker run". That was interesting and I got my exercise for the day. You actually didn't need the coordinates as you could see where each geocache was hidden because of all the people gathering around each spot. But, we followed longitude and latitude anyway. There were 5 ammo boxes hidden around the park with a group number and person number that had been assigned to you. You found the ammo box, found your number on a little sealed envelope, hung onto it and went to find the next cache. After you had collected all five envelopes, you took them back to the people taking care of the poker run. They opened each envelope and you took out your playing card, 5 of them, hoping that you got a good poker hand. Neither one of us did, but it was fun to try. Everyone got a nice lunch and there were drawings using the ticket you were given at registration. We had taken our lawn chairs and just sat and "people watched" when we weren't out looking around. It was nice and warm out. Shirt sleeve weather. Ahhhhhh, sunshine. Love it!.........We left there and went to Sam's Club and Target before coming home. Had to take advantage of being in the big city. Oh, and of course we had gone to Starbucks on the way into Yuma and on the way out. You think that I was gonna bypass a Starbucks??????????? hahahahaha!!!! Not hardly!! Driving home I took a couple of neat scenery pictures, one of my favorite things to do. We got home before dark. It was a most wonderful day!


christine said...

like the last christine

Donna said...

Beautiful pictures sweetie!! I Also love StarBucks!!Hahaa...Happy night!hughugs