Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tuesday 4/14........Well, we had a change of plans. Decided not to haul our 5th wheel to Yuma because of wind advisories and warnings. We took off in the truck for the day. We went to Sam's Club, Starbucks, and Dan went back to the dentist in Algodones. His new lower plate has been bothering him. We'll see how it works now. We had lunch in Mexico. Shrimp tacos, which are so yummy, and Dan had a huge shrimp cocktail. It only took us 1 1/2 hours to get out of the country. hahahahaha.....Last time it took us 2 hours.......Wednesday 4/15. Its still windy out but not bad enough so we can't travel for a little while. We went into town to collect mail at general delivery then went home and finished getting road ready. Off we went to the dump station to take care of emptying the black water, then we headed north to Parker, Arizona. Its not too far from Quartzsite but its all the farther we went because of the gusty winds. We're staying the night at the county park right along the Colorado River. This is the 4th time we've stayed here. Dan isn't even unhooking the truck from our rig. We're hearing that the winds will pass by tomorrow. Thursday 4/16........We traveled from Parker, AZ to Bakersfield, CA. We were gonna stop on the way but we went to one Passport America RV park and the spaces were so tight Dan didn't wanna try and back into one of them. Needless to say, this park didn't give us the "warm fuzzies", so we just drove all the way into Bakersfield. We stayed at the Orange Grove RV Park. We've been told that when the oranges are ripe on the trees, you can pick all you want right at your spot. Well, the oranges had been picked a couple of months ago. It was an ok park but kind of noisy after being in the quiet desert for so long. We'll probably stay there again though. There was a good fruit place about 1/4 of a mile from the park, so before Dan woke up I went there to pick up fresh oranges. Yummy!..........Friday 4/17....We didn't leave Bakersfield until about 10:30. We didn't have a long travel day as we were only driving to Madera, CA to see our pal Charley. As we were sitting at a four way stop alost to where he lives, we seen people selling these great looking strawberries. We bought this box for only 8 bucks. YUM! When we last seen Charley, he had taken measurements of a deep cupboard that is in our rig. He was gonna build us some sliding shelves. We stopped by where he is staying and picked them up. Him and Dan installed them today and they look great. Now I don't have to get on my hands and knees to try and reach into the back of the cupboard. Check out the pictures I took of my neat new shelves. We're all set up in Charley's son's yard and will stay here a couple of nights. Hes in the country and its quiet here. I made some homemade chili and Charley came to dinner and we sat around and chatted. Its also nice and warm here.........Saturday 4/18....Charley rode into town with us so we could fuel up the truck and I could pick up a few groceries. He gave us a tour of Madera. Its not a bad town except for this one intersection. Someone was on VERY good drugs when they designed it! It had like 5 different ways to go through it, straight, and around curves. And! the train went through it too. I sure wouldn't wanna be stopped there waiting for a train! Anyway, the guys dropped me off so I could buy some groceries and Dan headed to some kids that were having a car wash. Our poor truck needed all those butterflies washed off before they "caked and baked" on. Charley found me going into the store and he decided to be my "cart pusher", so we went shopping. Came back to our rig and just chilled the rest of the afternoon. Charley came back over for a stir-fry dinner and we all watched the NASCAR race. We are leaving tomorrow to keep heading north to Coos Bay......Sunday 4/19.....Time to get "road ready" and head on out. See you all in a few days!!!!!!!!!!

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Cal Sydney Rose said...

Dan & Patty--Have a safe trip and fun in Coos Bay with everyone.
Love your sliding shelves--those will be great for you! Reminded me that Jer is going to make cupboards in our toy room this summer--be more storage than just those coated wire shelving units.
Have a great summer and see you in Oct. in QZ. Love, Jer and Pat