Sunday, May 13, 2012

HAPPY MOMMIES DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had another most excellent travel day from Utah Lake State Park to Snowville, Utah. Yes. Snowville. Driving through Salt Lake City was easy on a Saturday. Right through the middle of it.....This is the third time we've stayed at Lottie-Dell Campground in Snowville. This campground is works on the "on your honor" system. You pick out your spot, go into the little office, fill out the paperwork, use cash or write a check for the days you'll be staying, put in an envelope, and stick it in a slot in the wall. Way cool to be so trusting of people. We LOVE it here! When we arrived no one else was here, but later in the day the travelers started coming in. I-84 is close by but you'd never know it was there. It is soooooooooooo quiet here except for the owner's geese and all the birds that hang out here.

Oops. Something was wrong with my lens when I took this. Grrrrrrr
There is a HUGE field here used for a driving range. Dan hit a lot of gold balls and he sure can feel it, but he loved doing this.
When he was done he had to go collect all the balls he had hit and Bella and I helped him.
She had a blast out running in the field.

We'll be leaving here on 5/15, headed into Idaho.

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