Tuesday, May 08, 2012

We took a quad ride, the only long one we did because we were lazy, to Meadow Hot Spring and Tabernacle Hill. The hot spring was very warm and looked crystal clear. Too bad there were alot of people in it that day. It was during the weekend, so people were out and about.

At the lave tubes there wasn't anyone around. We drove to Tabernacle Hill and if you don't have some kind of 4x4 or ATV, you're not gonna get there. This place suppose to be 10,000 to 24,000 years old. I haven't read much about it yet but there are miles of lave fields, craters, and lava tubes. You can search on lave tubes Fillmore, Utah and come up with all kinds of information.

Dan climbed down into this lava tube.
The next two pictures is of a crater, we believe.

We think this is another crater
And, yet another lava tube. Dan walked all the way through this one.
These are the pieces of lave we picked up.
We really liked this KOA and will come back here again. We had a nice spot and a view off to the right of the mountains.

Bella liked the KOA too. The owners seemed to be with us letting her roam around. They told us that they enjoyed watching her.

Pretty glads..........
Dan was trying help Bella catch a grasshopper. It was too funny.

Bella chillin' in the grass

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