Wednesday, July 04, 2012

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its only partly cloudy today! Guess that means that we'll actually get some sunshine today. Then its suppose to be sunny for several days and maybe actually get into the 70's, possibly low 80's. We sure aren't burning up like the rest of the country!........Dan has been a little busy in between rain drops. He is in the process of putting in clear sliding panels in our doors and he finished up caulking the shower. He has lots of outside stuff to do and when summer decides to stay around for awhile, he can get stuff done. We're replacing the tires on our rig and have started that process. Going from Les Schawb to Goodyear tires. The Les Schawb tires just aren't working for us. The tread comes off, we have to many flat tires(actual blow outs) and they just don't last. Because of the blow outs our rig is starting to look bad on the sides, something Dan will be working on. We'll see how the Goodyear tires work.........After we hit the Goodyear store, we headed out to the Suqualmish Indian Reservation so Dan could buy some "big booms" to light off for the 4th this year. He likes the big booms. Mom's neighborhood will have lots of big booms, so we'll just blend right in. Just having a small BBQ. Me, Dan, Mom, and Christine. Everyone else has plans and has gone away for the 4th...........The pictures below are of Dan and great-niece Grace. She was teaching him how to work the hula hoop. It was cute.

Here is our little garden. Its not doing too bad seeing as the sun hasn't been out much. We've picked spinach twice, steamed it, and it sure tasted yummy. There are also two blueberry bushes off the the back right that will be ready to pick soon. Soon as the sun stays out to ripen them. Can't wait to pick the blueberries!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan was clipping back some blackberry stuff so him or Christine won't keep having to duck under them when on the riding lawn mower.
Hmmmmmmm. I'm gonna sneak up on that squirrel. LOL LOL LOL...The squirrel ran right up the huge oak tree.

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Kevin said...

Good Luck on your tire hunt, I ended up buying Michalin XPS Ribs at Costco for my toyhauler. 10,000 plus miles so far. Good Luck