Saturday, November 02, 2013

AVI Casino

We have been at the AVI Casino/KOA for 3 nights. So nice to be out and away from the noise of the racetrack and freeways and people. We are parked way out at the end of the RV park. Bella can walk out the door without a leash without dogs being close to bother her. Shes been lizard hunting and going for night walks on the leash. Caught two, catch and release. Happy kitty. :-) The only thing missing for her is some trees to climb. She has tried to climb these palm type trees and that sure don't work. You can tell that by looking at them...............Anyway, we had the regular buffet at the AVI and it was awful. Never again. Had a tire on the truck checked. There was a screw in between the treads. Dan didn't wanna take a chance and pull it out until we got to the tire place. It turned out to be only wedged between the tire treads. Sure couldn't tell though. Looked like it went right into the tire. Took care of doing laundry and got that out of the way. Heard a whole bunch of coyotes last night. There were right across the street from us. Right out past the palm trees in the pictures below. I didn't do any picture taking except for the pics below and I did that this morning before we leave here.

The view from our kitchen window. The coyotes were right across the street last night.
A view of the sunrise reflecting on the hills. You can see Bella's fuzzy head to the left. She sits here at the window and looks out while I play on the laptop.
Oh. Hi Bella...........
Just another view out the window.
And one more.
So, we will be leaving here and only going as far as Parker, AZ to La Paz County Park, where we've parked many times before. We'll be waiting for mail to catch up with us. Works for me. I can go shopping at Walmart and we might go see a movie at the Bluewater Casino.

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