Thursday, April 03, 2014

Armitage County Park. Eugene, OR

Oh! Before I forget, thanks to several people who reminded me what the flowering bush was. The azalea. I just couldn't think of that.

We had a great travel day. No rain, no wind, no heavy traffic. We are now at Armitage County Park in Eugene, OR. Have full hookups and lots of room around us for Bella to play. We had to stop here to get our satellite dish repaired. We are gonna stay here 4 days unless it takes longer to repair our dish. We have an appointment for the dish on Friday. On Saturday we're gonna go to Monster Jam. Big cars crunching stuff. You can check it out at
I'm sure its gonna be noisy, so I'll be taking my earplugs.

And while we made it safe and sound to the county park, one tire had a bad time. Dan noticed that a tire needed some air. OK. He put air in it. Bella heard the leak and went to the back side of the tire to check it out then went inside with Dan. I had a bad feeling about the tire so crawled under the rig to check it out. I could hear the leak and feel all the air coming out. Told Dan and he had to put the spare on. Guess we need to buy a new tire now.  Oh sigh. :-(

Look at all the grass. Bella loves the grass.

She spotted the big trees in back of us right away.

Shes thinking, thinking, thinking. We know her so well. We knew she was gonna make a run for a tree and try to climb it.
And there she is tree climbing. Hmmmmm. Maybe shes a tree hugger. LOL LOL LOL
Oh. Another tree. Lets go climbing.

One very sad tire. An almost new tire. We're thinking its from tire debris that was out on I-5 from a semi-truck. GRRRRRRRRRRR

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Mark said...

I love the Eugene area. It's beautiful and green but it's always been grey skies or rain when I've visited. Still like it a lot though.