Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lucky Eagle Casino RV Park

Here we are parked at the Chehalis Tribal Eagle RV Park in Rochester, WA. This park belongs to the Lucky Eagle Casino. We like stopping here to eat at the casino's Friday night seafood buffet. There is only water and electric hookup, so we always dump at the last place we stay before we arrive here. There is a dump site here also. This is a no frills RV park. Its all in the open, no trees to block our satellite dish, and they do have a most excellent free WIFI. No cable TV. With a phone call to the casino, they will send a shuttle to pick you up. The RV park is about, just guessing, maybe 10 country blocks from the casino. There is a Shell station across the street where you can get propane/gas/fuel. We like it here because Bella has LOTS of room to play.

We did go to the seafood buffet and this time we were totally disappointed with the crab. All the other times its been so good, but the Dungeness crab was very small and very fatty. The rest of the buffet was OK. Not exceptional like it has been, just OK. At least we both came out "in the black" after playing the slot machines. That's a good thing. Now we'll just hang here at home until we head to the Puyallup Fairgrounds for Easter weekend.

We like this spot on the end as it gives us lots of room to let Bella roam. All we have to do it sit and watch her. We do have a neighbor this time but that's OK.

Here is Bella's playground. Lots of tall grass for field mice to live in. Lots of bugs to try and catch, like moths. She seen her first Garter snake and tried to play with that but discovered that they are fast and it avoided her.
Waiting for something to move. Way out in front of her is water, like a pond, from all the rain. Off to the right of her is more field.

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