Saturday, October 18, 2014

Desert Eagle

Leaving Rachel. It was a cool place to see and I'm glad we spent the night. No UFO's or anything strange though. Oh well. These pictures are of our trip from Rachel to where we are now.
I almost missed taking this picture. This is the road to the main gate of Area 51.

We had just gone over a pass that was over a mile high. Glad we're going back down again.

Finally to the end of the E.T. highway. Taking a right to Las Vegas.
Beef jerky store at our turn.
Entering Ash Springs. In my last post you seen a picture of us at a Chevron station in Tonopah. That is where we fueled up. Leaving Tonopah and heading to Rachel and going through Ash Springs is 154 miles. That's a long ways between gas stations, especially if you're gonna go explore the area. Like driving out to the gate at Area 51.
We met up with a couple of guys on motorcycles at Rachel. I heard them talking and one of them needed gas as he was on reserve. I told Dan and we gave him some gas from the gas tank at the back of our rig. Now he had enough gas to get to this Shell station in Ash Spring.
These two clouds were like this for about 20 minutes that we seen as we were driving along. Eventually we went by them. Strangest clouds I've ever seen.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Gotta pass by it when going to our next spot to camp.
Desert Eagle RV Park on Nellis Air Force Base. They have the nicest RV park here. This is the third time we've stayed here. Its just right down the road from the race track so after Dan is done working the NASCAR race in March, we can head here and kick back and chill. We will be here for two days, maybe three. Don't know yet.

Some pretty stuff across from our rig.

Of course Bella climbed a tree. Number one champion tree climber. lol lol

Bella was checking out the slide in the playground. I really thought she'd at least walk down it, but she didn't.

The best for last. I had to have this poster and I found the perfect place to hang it.

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