Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tradewinds RV Park

We left Las Vegas after 3 days there. One more new tire on our rig and a whole bunch of being lazy and walking Bella. Dan decided to travel south on Nellis Blvd to the Boulder Highway. That took forever but we had to try it once. We usually just go right through the middle of Vegas on I-15 in between rush hours. After we got off Nellis Blvd onto the Boulder Highway right where Sam's Town Casino is, the traveling was much better. Not as many stop lights and the road was better. Headed out across Hoover Dam and into Arizona. Well, actually you can't drive over the dam anymore. You gotta go over the new bridge. Just a little tid-bit. Just before the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge opened up over the Colorado River, in fact one day before it opened up, Dan and I drove across the dam pulling our rig heading into Arizona. The new bridge is nice but it was fun to actually go across the dam on the narrow road and pulling the hill on the other side. I could take lots of pictures. You can't even see the dam from the new bridge. That's a real bummer for people that had never seen the dam.

Overlooking Lake Mead on our way to Hoover Dam.

Road leading to the new bridge.

And we're across the bridge going into Arizona.

Our new camping spot at Tradewinds RV Park in Golden Valley, AZ. We were gonna stay in Dolan Springs, AZ but the RV park there and the town didn't give us the warm fuzzies. Its out in the desert but still gave us the "closed in" feeling. And we were gonna look at property for sale there too. Oh well. So, on down the road we went.
This is a big park with lots of room to walk Bella.
Here comes the man and his cat going for a walk. She was so excited to get out and walk. No jets from the Air Base flying over us anymore.
Oh yes. We have a bloom. Dan's pride and joy. lol lol lol

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