Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Q 11/14

Out walking today with Bella. We went about 3 1/2 miles to 4 miles in a big circle. We followed a dry wash that had trees along it for Bella to climb. About half way through our walk, Bella was about half way up a tree when Dan yelled at me that there was a fox towards the top of the tree. (I was walking around looking for crystals.) I didn't see it but Dan and Bella did. Dan said the fox spotted Bella and ran down the other side of the tree and took off. Bella puffed up like a big fur ball and then had to go smell everywhere in the tree the fox had been. It could have been a Kodak moment but I was not right there and it happened way too fast for me to even think about getting my camera out. So Bella had a new experience today. I didn't know that a fox could climb a tree. Guess they do.
Just some reading material for those interested.

Here is one of the trees that Bella climbed. I like this gnarly tree.
I found a crystal in the dry wash. Not a bad looking one. Its clearer then the picture shows.

Bella playing on dead tree branches.
She does love to climb. She usually jumps down to Dan. Almost always straight down. I put a couple of pictures in the last blog post of her jumping into his arms. But today she did something different. She was up about 12' and Dan couldn't get right under her, so she pushed off with her back feet and flew out about 6' to his waiting arms. This cat has no fear.

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