Wednesday, March 25, 2015


It is WINDY outside today, 3/25. It just plain sucks! The gusts are so bad sometimes that I lowered the satellite dish on top of our rig. I just can't see the satellite dish getting beat up by muther nature. It loosens up the screws and bolts with all the battering it takes. So, the dish is down and we're using the Verizon MIFI for awhile. Bella hasn't even ventured out this morning yet. The wind blew over both Dan's hibiscus plants so I brought them inside. Hopefully the wind will die down soon then Bella can go out hunting and playing. I have corn beef and cabbage in the slow cooker. YUM!

I took some pictures yesterday. Here is Dan and Bella walking and looking for lizards and critters.
Just a view looking towards the west.
When we were out walking when we came across this "graveyard" for old BBQ's. Had to take some pictures.
They have seen better days. They are all rusted and full of holes.

A couple of sunset pictures from last night. Before the winds started.

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