Wednesday, April 01, 2015


April Fool's Day and it was my Grandma's birthday, born in 1904 and #13 out of 17 kids. She always thought that made her lucky and I suppose it did. She passed away in 2000. Looking good for 70 in this picture. I styled her hair and took her to a photographer to get some pictures taken. This was also the year that Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, WA forced her to retire because she was 70. She DID NOT want to retire yet. She was going strong and could have worked at least 5 more years or even more.
Shooting pool with my youngest son Jason.
My stylish Grandma at a family picnic.
Anyways............Here we are back at the Desert Eagle RV Park on Nellis AFB for 8 days. We have a nice site. I just love how spacious these sites are. I'm so glad that I worked for the Navy. Staying at the military RV parks is a nice perk. We'll be staying here until Dan works at the NHRA drags by the NASCAR track here in Vegas.

Bella walks right by the "NO PET AREA". LOL LOL LOL........Shes thinking that sign is for dogs not a princess like her. :-)
Dan and Bella chillin'.........

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