Friday, April 24, 2015

4/24/15 tribbles

The cottonwood trees here look like they have "tribbles" from Star Trek falling off them. I had to take some pictures of all the "tribbles" blowing around. Too funny.

Oh look! Its snowing "tribbles". LOL LOL
They were just rolling along the ground, all following each other.

Looks like someone dropped a huge bag of small cotton balls.
Bella caught herself a mole. This little guy moved fast. It gave Bella a good chase. She played with it for awhile around the rig, then it decided to run off. She gave chase again but she lost it under another rig.
A storm was coming in. Looks just like home. It came from the north. Guess Salt lake City sent it to us. Thunder, some fork lightning, wind, and some rain.
Bella has discovered that the water dripping off the faucet tastes good. Its dribbling down the faucet and shes just lapping it right up.

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