Tuesday, April 28, 2015

4/28/15 Lottie-Dell

We are now in Snowville, Utah. Parked at the Lottie-Del Campground for 4 days. We love this park and have been here 3 times before. You go find the site you want then go into the self service office. No one waits on you here. You fill out a form, put your cash or check into an envelope, and the envelope then goes into a slot in the wall. It all about trust and honor. Bella loves it and she was outside all afternoon playing. She caught a field mouse, played with it, and off it went. She wants to be outside all the time and sometimes it sure makes both of us weary. In fact, I just got done taking her for a walk on the leash because its dusk now. She blends in with the landscape and I sure don't wanna lose her cause something spooked her. We were checking out all the mole and mouse holes. Oh fun. lol........I think tomorrow afternoon will be Bella's day to hunt in the big field. Dan and I can take the lawn chairs and set them out in the field and just let her go and play "catch the mole or mouse". Sounds like a nice, lazy afternoon. As long as she is focused on a mole or mouse, she'll stake out the holes and won't wander off and be snoopy.

Here are three pictures that I took before we left the last park.

Snowville, Utah. Lottie-Del Campground.
The "no person" office.
Looks like we're all alone, but there is a motor home way to the left at the other end of the park.
The inside of the "no person" office.

Oh look! Here is our envelope that we hung up back in 2007. Cool. :)
Another couple pictures of the inside of the office.
Lots of golf clubs and buckets with golf balls. You can play on the driving range.
Two customers.

The driving range where Bella caught her mouse. I bet this used to be a pasture back in the day.
Dan standing by this big hole by the pasture. Bella is in the hole looking for critters.
Way out in the field. She was having fun, fun, fun!
Just out cruising, Dan and Bella.

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