Monday, May 04, 2015

5/4/15 Twin Falls

I've neglected to write for several days. Just didn't feel like it. May 1st was my youngest sister Karen's birthday and also my close friend Debbie. Late Happy Birthday to May day babies. Got out "once a month" shopping done. Winco, Costco, and Starbucks. Starbucks is always good. Needed to buy a couple of bottles of my sugar-free vanilla so I can make my own lattes in the morning. I'll have enough until we get back to Bremerton now............We are at the Twin Falls/Jerome, Idaho KOA. Its right by a VERY busy road and has WAY too many trees. The first site we pulled into the trees blocked our satellite reception and we couldn't open one slide because of another tree. Dan moved the rig over a bit and it just wasn't gonna work as now the electrical cord was too short. I was looking at the site next to us and it looked alot better. Dan informed the office we were gonna move to another site if it wasn't reserved. We did. Now we can open all our slides and our satellite dish is working just fine. I don't like RV parks with lots of trees. Bella is on her leash all the time here. We're too close to the road and shes too curious about all the mouse holes on the little slope to the road. Rude awakening for her but shes being good about it. She caught a mouse while on the leash, so she was pretty happy about that. We walk her around the perimeter of the park and she likes that. When we get to the back of the park, we can let her off the leash for a bit. Shes been able to chase some cottontail bunnies. The tiny dog park is all fenced in and has toys to climb on. We let her go in there but that didn't last long. It smells so bad of dog pee that we had to get away from there. Anyway, that's the story of this place. It was our "convenience" stop for groceries and nothing more. The next stop will be a "convenience" stop too. We'll be picking up mail. At least we've been to the next RV park.

It probably looks like we have lots of room, but we don't. The trees have branches that hang over your parking spot.

Bella brings us such joy. After one of her long walks around the park, she was hanging 18 over the top of her cat perch. 10 toes up front and 8 toes in the back. She finds some pretty amazing ways to chill out.

Here we are. Two old farts being retired.

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