Monday, June 15, 2015


We have left Long Camp RV Park and are on the road again. It was hard to leave our friends. Bella sure knew what was up and she sure didn't wanna go. She had a great time at the park. But, all good things sometimes must come to an end. Here are some pictures of today where we are and for the couple of days before we left.

This guy had quite the setup. He was a traveler that came into the park wanting to use the shower. Of course Chris and Connie said yes. He said that his John Deere would go 44 mph and is all legal for the road.

Here is Connie hard at work using her rototiller  her garden area. She makes me feel so tired just watching her.

Hmmmmmmmm. Wonder what shes thinking?
You can just barely see the baby bird in the nest.

I was trying to get a shot of the mama bird feeding the baby.
Chris always rides his lawn mower around the park as he doesn't have a golf cart.
Dan trying to catch a fish.

And Connie is gonna try her luck. She has on waders and was out standing in the river.

Connie and her friend Sue trying out the little inflatable raft Chris bought at the farmer's market. They had a blast out playing in it. We could hear them talking and laughing up and down the river.

Bella was with us for awhile at the river. She was just chillin'.

Connie bought a salmon from a vendor selling them along the roadside and it sure was good. She cooked it over the fire. Yummy!

Welcome to Washington. Looks like we're finally in the home state after leaving Quartzsite, AZ back at the end of February.
Hwy 12
We are now at Tucannon River RV Park for one night. A "mom and pop" park. We're in a nice spot but we can't get our satellite to work here because of the trees. That's OK. We're watching movies and using their WIFI. Verizon is not very good here either. We like our big space though and it only cost us $12.50 by using Passport America. Half price from $25.00. Works for us.

Bella is out exploring  Lots of grass and some trees for her to climb if she wants.
The tomatoes and two hibiscus outside sunning.
More views from around the RV park.

 "I be cool" :-)

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Great Pics as always.
That guy's John Deere had all the running lights required by law to be street legal but if he didn't have a License Plate on it or Seat Belts in it It's Not Legal in the US or Canada.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.