Saturday, June 20, 2015

OK. We are finally in Western Washington. We left Quartzsite, AZ at the end of February and took a VERY slow trip getting this far. So nice to be retired and not in a hurry.

This is road construction right before you get to Snoqualmie Pass on I-90. About time. This is happening along side Keechelus Lake. I think its always been a bad spot for traveling.
Near the top of the pass
And going down
The dreaded Hwy 18. Have always hated this road. WAY too many wrecks on this road but you gotta use it or go way around out of your way.
Yup. Glad we're going the other way. Traffic going east was backed up in both lanes. Not sure if this is the usual traffic flow or if everyone was trying to get out of Seattle for father's day weekend. Anyway, it was backed up...........
We are camped at the Enumclaw Expo Center for 4 nights. This will be a good place for Bella. Lots and lots of room for her to roam all over the fairgrounds. Its also the best place I can find to park so Dan can see his mom. Its about 15 miles from Maple Valley where she is. There are a couple of real tight fitting RV parks closer but thats not for us. There is also a Walmart in Covington but the town has a "no parking in Walmart" ordinance.

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