Sunday, December 27, 2015


Its after Christmas, finally. So, late Merry Christmas/late Happy Holidays/late Seasons Greetings/late happy happy joy joy/late whatever you say. And now I see some snowflakes out there. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I DON'T like winter!

This is what I posted in FaceBook. We had this experience with people representing the KIRBY Company. I need to report them to someone. Consumer Reports or The BBB.

"This is what happens to my Mom's yard in East Bremerton when you get VERY pushy salesmen from Watson Productions out of Olympia, WA who are selling Kirby Vacuum's. Gracious Christine let the demonstrator inside the house, he did his demonstration then he wouldn't leave after she told him NO NO and NO. He just kept demonstrating and kept pressuring her. On and on and on. AND on and on and on. The person who messed up Mom's yard was some kind of boss over the guy that was inside the house. He came twice to check on him to see if he had made a sale. He was driving a white van and apparently his tires are crap because he sure messed up Mom's yard the first time he was here. He was in his 20's and also very rude calling my sister "Mom" all the time and not ma'am. He also made a rude comment the second time he came in that he had to go make some sales because no one was buying here......Of course I can't find an email address for them so I can send them pictures. (I will keep trying to locate an email for them.) I looked them up on the Internet and Consumer Reports has lots of complaints about them. Don't let them in. They just "talk the talk" and won't leave your house. Just sayin'...................."

As you can tell by looking at this picture, my sister Christine LOVES giving to her loved ones on Christmas. Shes such a kind and compassionate sister.
Son Jason and his lady Jenny. He sure was cracking up at what she was saying.
                               Mom with her pretty smile.
                               My nephew Raymond.
                               LOVE this picture of Jason and Jenny!
Sister Christine and niece Gina.
                                Gina and her grandma.
Jason and Jenny and Dan and Max the wiener. lol lol
                               Jason and Gina.
Nataly. She is the wife of my nephew Joshua. She is nicest young woman that I've met in a very long time. She was VERY helpful with Mom and helping out during the Christmas gift giving and cleaning up and and and............Christine and I REALLY appreciated her for stepping in and relieving us. It was nice the younger generation took over our duties that we've done for so long. Thank you Nataly!
                               Christine and her grand Joshua.
Christine and Joshua and Christine's great-grand Lincoln.
                               Dan the man in the next three pictures.
                               His new head and ear warmer.
                                Ahhhhhhh. A "feel good" neck support.
My niece Tonya, her daughter Kiersten, and hubby Mike.
                                My Mom opening her presents.

                                Christine and her great-grand Lincoln with his little rosy cheeks.
                                Nephew Raymond and great-niece Aly in the background.
Christine and great-niece Grace very intent on the phone and etch-a-sketch.
Mom, Linda, niece Melinda(Linda is her mother-in-law), great-niece Aly, and nephew Raymond.
Mom, Linda, her hubby Lee, my brother John in the background with his wife Cindy, and Raymond. Stash is the dog.
Christine, Grace, Cindy(in her PJ's already), Melinda, and Gina playing a game called "Heads UP". Its a crazy game as you can see in the picture below this one. Its kind of like a word game and charades. They all got REAL animated and it was TOO funny. A lot of belly laughing happening!

For the life of me I couldn't get this picture rotated, so her is my brother John and my nephew-in-law Steve. Sorry guys! :-)
OH NO! Not snow! Look what is happening. I sure hope it doesn't stay around.

Bella is getting her first glimpse of snow. Shes never seen it. We opened the door and Dan stood there with her. She got some on her head and she was sniffing, sniffing, sniffing it like crazy. Don't think she'll like snow anymore then she likes getting her paws wet in the rain. Shes a fair weather cat.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad you had a great time with the family.
I've had the same problem with the photos not rotating so I return to the file in the computer and rotate back and forth a few times then reload it the way I want. Big pain but it normally works.
Be safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.