Monday, January 04, 2016


2016! Doesn't seem possible. I remember reading the book 1984 by George Orwell back in the late 60's. I thought 1984 was a long ways away. 2016 never even entered my mind then! Time sure does fly sometimes. Anyway, I sure hope it will be a good year for everyone. Hoping we can travel again, at least once more. Its hard to use the phrase "time will tell" because time isn't on our side anymore. Not when you're on the downhill side of life. Every minute means more. The weather has been cold and damp, but we carry on as normal.

Dan's daughter Audrey came by for a visit.

My niece Jennifer stopped by after Christmas to collect presents. My great-niece Brynlee playing with a new toy she got for Christmas.
Great-nephew Mason with his Christmas present.
Great-nephew Draven with his new model.
Poor cold Bella out laying on the cold ground "stalking" all the little birds.
She'll lay on the cold ground then decide her paws are cold and head to my lap to warm up. Then she'll start all over again.
We've been using on-board water in our rig. Dan would fill our tanks when they were almost empty. Well, our hoses finally totally froze. We have the little hose hanging in one of the apple trees thawing out. The big hose is draped over the garage thawing out. He had to break out the heated water hose so he could fill up the tanks. Use it then put it away in a warm place until needed again.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Hope you will safely make it through this cold snap and soon be heading to a warmer climate.

It's about time.