Tuesday, April 05, 2016


We've had a few days of sunshine so Bella has a shadow, things are blooming, and the grass needs mowed. Dan bought a weed eater and has been playing around that when his back lets him. I'm starting to take some pictures of blooming stuff around mom's yard. I like taking nature type pictures. Not much else happening.

Oh, look. Bella has a shadow
Some stuff starting to bloom around the yard

Love the dogwood
Bella getting ready to give chase to a squirrel. They aren't afraid of her and sometimes chase her.

Chillin' in the almost warm sun
Dan was gassing up the new weed eater. Bella had to check it out.
Our poor quad has been sitting in my mom's garage all winter on a trickle charge. Dan took it out for a spin around mom's house. I sure miss riding it through the dry washes in Quartzsite to go get milk in town. And miss riding way out in the desert. :-(

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