Friday, June 06, 2008

And, so life goes on after Dan turned 60. hahaha! This is what the view was from our 5th wheel door the day before we went to the baseball game. It was POURING! On 6/4 we took off to Seattle to see the Mariners lose to the L.A. Angels. 5-4. Oh well about not winning. It was a most excellent game anyway. It had been a long time since we'd been to a game. Christine, my sister, dropped us off at the ferry in downtown Bremerton, we walked on and then walked to the ball field. No rain! WOOHOO! I took an umbrella just in case. I took scenery pictures from the ferry boat and in Seattle..... Here are some pictures that I took on the way back from Seattle to Bremerton. It was a full boat cause we were on the small ferry, Kitsap, and the only seats we could find was at the back of the boat. I'd never been on such a full boat! Heres one last picture for you history buffs. This is the USS Turner Joy which sits near the ferry dock in downtown Bremerton. This little destroyer is now a tourist attraction. It has alot of history which you can look up on the web-site I have provided. When I see the Turner Joy I remember it sitting in the Gulf of Tonkin off Viet Nam. Probably because the Viet Nam war was in my era of growing up as a pre-teen, teen, and young married adult. Go check out the web-site. Its full of lots of interesting stuff............Not too much else happening. Just regular stuff. Like getting parts for the 5th wheel for general maintenance. The toilet needs a new seal. Owning our rig and living in it fulltime is just like being a stationary homeowner. There is always maintenance to be done. We just don't have the yard work. WOOHOO for that cause I HATE to weed!


Gordon & Juanita said...

Happy Birthday Dan!!!

We often think of both of you as we view these spectacular places in Alaska...

All the best from beautiful Palmer.

Gordon and Juanita

Donna said...

Ho Miz Patty! Love all the pictures...often wondered if we'd like Seattle for a visit...Looks great, if not a little wet!LOL...Yes, we're Vietnam Vets here to. Hubby served for 4yrs(AirForce) ans Nam for 13months. We married in '72. Seems like just yesterday...Happy day sweetie!!hughugs