Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thanks for sharing my "trip down Bonehead memory lane" in the last entry. I had a few responses to my blog entry and I wish to respond, hoping that I can explain how I feel about things. I know there are alot of cats out there that need homes and need someone to love them, but now at this time we won't be getting another cat. It hurt too much to lose Bonehead and I'm being very selfish right now. I don't wanna feel that hurt again. After she passed away I took all her food and cat litter to the local animal shelter in Quartzsite, Arizona where we were dry camping. The first thing the lady did was offer us another cat. She knew of an older cat that needed a new home. Her owners were very elderly, the man had passed away and the woman just couldn't care for the cat anymore. Do you think I felt bad because I wouldn't take this cat? Yes! I was torn up inside because Bonehead had just passed away and then torn up again because I felt guilty that I didn't want to take this cat. I thought about this cat alot and told Dan several times that I felt bad about this older cat needing a home. I finally pushed this aside as I knew the shelter would find someone to love this cat. They are good people there. I could see it in how the animals were treated and could "feel" the warmth surrounding them. We've had people tell us that they have thought about buying us a kitten. I'm so glad they didn't. If its "meant" for us to have another cat, it will happen. I've always believed that everything happens for a reason. Thats how Bonehead came to live with us in the first place. She had always been in my family and she was well loved by everyone. Dan and I "inherited" her when another family member couldn't keep her anymore. Having her come to live with us was most excellent. She had a good life before but we believe that we gave her an even better life. We're all different in how we feel in the love for our animals. Some people rush right out and get another cat or dog because it makes them feel good and they need to fill a void. Some people will never have another pet. I'm not saying never, but for now and in the near future, thats the way it will be. I've gone into web-sites where people gather on forums to talk about their pets that have passed away. That didn't work for me. These sites are very sad and I sure don't need anymore sadness about Bonehead not being here anymore. Talking about Bonehead in this blog helps me. Dan deals with her death in his own way. We both love and miss her, but getting another cat right now is something that just won't happen...................Not too much else happening. General stuff. Dan has been doing maintenance on our rig. We're still waiting to see when we'll be taking our home back to the RV dealer. I guess they are studying all the info we sent to them from Les Schawb. They are studying what they should have done last summer.........We had a real nice day a few days ago. Dan opened the garage up on our rig and we cleaned it out. He took the quad and the Harley out and we swept and tidied up. It was actually warm enough out that he took the bike for a little putt. Its been chilly here and overcast. Anyway, the garage is clean, the bike is back in our garage just parked and not tied down. The quad is in my mom's old garage for the summer. One less thing we needed to take care of. Cleaning our rig's garage out. The floor sure was had alot of desert and ocean sand on it! He also has been on top of our rig sweeping all the stuff off that the crows have left up there. They seem to think its a great place to leave peanut shells and other leftovers that they've picked up along the way. We can hear them walking on the roof. Pitter patter of crow feet. Sounds funny.....I guess next on our "to do" list is to wait for another warm day and give our 5th wheel a bath....See ya all soon. If any of ya have some warm sunshine, please send it this way!


Donna said...

Oh Sweetie!! I KNOW Exactly how you feel!! But Don't worry about Bonehead!! She's playing with my KiKi on the other side!! KiKi was 17 when she passed 2yrs ago...BROKE MY HEART!! new pet for me either...people offered, kids threatened to get me another kitten...NoWay...NoHow... There's cats that come up in the back yard to drink from a bowl of water I keep for our dog, Corky when he goes outside...Those cats are the closest thing to a pet I want right now....So don't feel bad...They're playing up a storm!..lolol...night sweetie!hughugs

Sharon said...

Patty, I totally agree with your post. I also have not decided to get another cat when I lost Moe. There are two neighbor cats that are in need of love and attention, so they are my "outside pets". You and ony you and Dan will know if and when the right time will be to get another cat. You can not replace a loved cat just as one would a lost valuable bracelet. Bonehead was loved and had more adventures than most people have. Each of you were blessed to have been a part of each others lives.