Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July! Bremerton was just plain crazy. I'd never seen it so crazy when it came time to light off fireworks. Seems like everyone and their mother went out and bought some kind of fireworks and people were everywhere lighting them off. I drove to the waterfront where Dan and I used to live to watch people lighting off their stuff, but it was too crazy, too noisy, too many people driving and not watching the road, and too many fire trucks out and about. I had to move over several times to let them go by. It sounded like a war zone!.....Dan didn't ride with me as he had been washing the rest of the 5th wheel when he slipped off the ladder and did something to his ankle. I don't think he broke it but we're not totally sure he doesn't have a small fracture. Hes been keeping it iced and wrapped at night when sleeping. My sister found some crutches and hes using them so he doesn't have to put any weight on his right foot at all. If the swelling doesn't go down or his ankle feels worse in the next few days, he'll be going to the walk in clinic and get it checked out. Good thing we don't have much to do in the next couple of weeks. He can just take it easy. I did take a picture of him with his leg elevated with ice on his ankle, but I sure don't know what happened to it. Something in my camera must not have worked right cause I went to download the picture into my computer and it wasn't in the camera. Neither were some pictures I had taken when my son Jason had been over a couple of days ago. Guess I'll have to figure out my camera problem.........


jwilly said...

Hi There ,,,DAN and Patty..... Sorry to hear Dan about your ankle, hope that it is not broken and that you can get back to doing what you like... I know what it is like to be down ,at times I get that way with my back, and I want to get out and do something,,I am an out of doors person,, like you are..take care,, see you all in QZ. Looking fwd to that,,Jer

Donna said...

Hope Dan's ankle gets better soon!! hughugs