Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dan is doing better. Hes still sitting with his leg elevated with ice on his ankle, but he can walk alot better. My sister Christine's friend, Dr. Mona, came yesterday to check him out. She is a foot doctor. She feels that he probably doesn't have any kind of break but she gave Dan a script for an x-ray if he so chooses and if he starts feeling like his ankle is not getting better. Too bad she doesn't do x-rays anymore! I can see an improvement just in the last couple of days. So nice to know a doctor who is a friend that will stop by for a "house call". Anyway, hes taking it slow and easy. The baby in Dan's arms is Grace, my great-neice. Her picture has been in my blog before. She was visiting with her mom Mindy and brother Caleb. Dan does love the babies and they love him. She was being a little crabby, but when she was given to Dan she calmed right down and took a snooze. The little guy with Dan is Caleb. Hes been on my blog before too. Last time was a picture of him and Dan riding the Harley. He loves "hanging" with Uncle Dan.


Donna said...

Goodness! Hope Dan gets up and about Soon sweetie!! Cute children!!hughugs

Sharon said...

I am happy to see that Dan is recoverying nicely. Hope he is up running around soon! You can tell Grace and Caleb love their Uncle Dan!

Anonymous said...

Hey you
glad to hear from you. I didn't realize your computer was down. Duh! guess that's why I didn't hear from you.

Sorry to hear that Dan broke his ankle. Baby Grace and Caleb are both cuties. take care