Sunday, September 28, 2008

Today is our last day in Bremerton. Since I last wrote we have been rather busy. We met up with Dan's son Andrew and his wife Tia for dinner at Outback Steakhouse. (Just an FYI. Since its changed hands the food is really in the toilet.) We had a good visit. Tia gave me a late birthday present and I just love it! Dan says that its female. Well, I suppose because it has lots of changes of clothes! The visit wasn't long enough. Andrew had to take Tia to SeaTac Airport. She was flying to Tampa to be in her friend's wedding. Then Andrew had the long drive home over Snoqualmie Pass to where they live in Cle Elum. Long, long commute! Dan has been busy doing stuff around our rig getting ready for travel. Making sure it won't fall apart while we're driving on the road. You know, putting on fresh duct tape, etc. hahhaha......We'll be leaving here with a clean truck and 5Th wheel, inside and out. I spent time making lots of nanner bread, zucchini bread, a cherry pie for Jason, cinnamon chocolate chip fudge, and deviled eggs for the BBQ we had yesterday. Oh, and we made a run to the dump, went back to storage again, hauled our home to Les Schwab to get new tires, and fueled up the truck for travel. Just busy, busy, busy. And on top of doing all that stuff, we find time to visit with Karen........The BBQ was actually fun and it went well. Most of the "family" BBQ's or "family" gatherings in our family have lots of people hanging around that we don't know. OK fine. I think its more fun when you take the "quotes" off the word family. Well, I know what I mean. Karen had a couple of friends come see her but that was different. She had come a long ways. Anyway, it was just like the fun parts of family gatherings that are in my memories. Lots of silly stuff happening, like the ball toss over the garage. I'm not sure how that started. Maybe with the apples being tossed until my Mom put a stop to that. It escalated to small balls to basket balls to a soccer ball. I was cracking up, it was so funny. Later when it was dark out some of us played "kick the can". Dan and I watched and we were both cracking up about watching people try and run while trying to remember that they are not kids anymore. Too funny! We had lots of good food and with all the "playing" going on, everyone had good appetites. Karen got to see family that she hadn't seen for about 5 years. I think thats about how long shes been gone. I'm glad we had the BBQ. It was a great success in my book.Karen, aka, Korn Ball Karen and Mom My goofy family Dan with Christine, Karen, and Mom Jason with Dan,Christine,Karen,and his Grandma Karen and her son Raymond I just love this picture of my brother John playing "kick the can". Looks to me like hes imitating the famous Sasquatch picture. LOL LOL LOL LOL Heres my flamingo in her Halloween costume. She has many changes and I'll put a picture of her on here everytime I change her. Shes gonna be alot of fun. Doesn't take much to amuse me. hahahahahaha Next time I write it will be from the road somewhere in Oregon. Now its time to go out and eat some Chinese food. YUMMY!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good grief, it looks like them women run about 4 to 5 to the ton. Looks like they need to take the forks out of their mouths!!!!!!!!!!

Patty said...

This comment was NOT appreciated AND by someone who WILL NOT list their name. It must be nice to be perfect. Patty, owner of this blog