Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thursday, 3/26.......It was a VERY windy day today. And we had a HUGE dust storm. I slow cooked homemade chili today. Debbie and Rusty came over for dinner and conversation. Instead of home movies we showed them lots of pictures from our travels that I had put to cd. We were almost all ready to hit the road so we didn't have too much more to do........Friday, 3/27.......Well, today is travel day. Our rig has been sitting in the same spot here in the desert for 6 months and we've loved every minute of being here. Time to move on until next "snowbird season" rolls around. For us that will be sometime in October. We said goodbye to our home in the desert and headed east out on I-10. Thanks goodness the wind was not bad. We actually had a good travel day. We are at Sundance 1RV Resort in Casa Grande, AZ. We stopped here for 2 nights so I could see my friend and old co-worker Rosemary and her hubby Ron. We went to their house after we "set up" and they fed us dinner. It was fun seeing Rosemary. I love the pic of them eating my fudge. Every year I made fudge for the people at work and Rosemary's hubby always got some extra........Saturday, 3/28....Rosemary and her friend Darlene came and picked me up this morning. Ron and Ray, their husbands came in another car. They came to see our rig and stayed to chat with Dan while the women took me to Starbucks and then we hit Walmart. We bought stuff for a stir-fry. Yummy. I took our laundry over to Rosemary's house, washed and dried clothes, and helped prepare the stir-fry. We had a good visit and I'm so glad we stopped in Case Grande for 2 days.Darlene and Ray Sunday, 3/29.......Travel day. It ended up being a good travel day. I was so worried about the wind, but we were lucky and there was very little wind. We drove from Casa Grande, AZ to Deming, NM and seen these signs alone the road quite often. Reminded me of the old Burma Shave signs, except they had cute sayings, not warnings. We are at Dream Catcher RV park for the night and then we'll be going about 9 miles to where we'll be staying for a week. We'll see how windy it will be............Monday, 3/30......It was quite windy driving the 9 miles to Hidden Valley Ranch RV Resort. Most of the driving was on gravel roads. We are at the end of a gravel road way out away from everything. No freeway noise, no trains, and no street lights. As we were setting up the wind became just unreal!!!!!!!!!!! It was so windy that I didn't even bother to bring up the satellite. (Our satellite sits on top of the 5th wheel and is all automatic.) The gusts of wind that were hitting our rig just made me feel way uneasy about bringing it up. So, we got all set up and went back into Deming to pick up our general delivery at the Post Office, get a few things at Walmart, and Dan put fuel in the truck. On the way back to the RV park, we found a geocache. We decided to go for a short ride on the quad out in the wind and found one more geocache. While Dan was climbing up a rock hill looking for a geocache, I was hanging out in the dry wash. There are some really nasty sticker bushes here and I managed to step on a twig with stickers. The stupid sticker went all the way through the sole of my shoe and into my foot. Ouch! I'll be more careful where I step next time and I'll probably wear my boots instead of tennis shoes! I've already been to the clubhouse to check out the paperback books. Exchange one for one. They also have ice cream for sale which is on the honor system. We haven't checked that out yet. I am gonna make a pasta salad for a potluck at the end of the week. And we might go on an all day quad ride with some of the people here at the park. We love all the little critters here. Lots of quail and lots of bunnies. Jack rabbits and babies. I've been snapping pictures of them all. There are also roadrunners. Dan loves them. One female almost came right up to him maybe looking for a handout. I've never seen a roadrunner come that close to a person. I'm thinking that they are used to getting fed goodies from the people that stay here in the park............I put a new link on my blog page. Check it out. If ya do, Bruce gave me a ride in his black 40 Ford Coupe. It was way cool. You can see him standing next to it on his web-site......Tuesday, 3/31.....A nice day today. Dan and I went for a quad ride way up in the mountains. New Mexico sure has different landscape then Arizona. After our quad ride we drove back into Deming to Walmart to pick up what I forgot yesterday. I always forget something when I'm grocery shopping.BubbleShare: Share photos - Play some Online Games. BubbleShare: Share photos - Play some Online Games.

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Donna said...

Lord, I'll bet that thorn HURT!! Be Careful sweetie! Could be a nasty infection!
That roadrunner is Indeed different!! Never heard of them coming close to humans!!
Happy day Girl!!hughugs