Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunday and Monday, 3/22 3/23..........Didn't do too much. Normal things like getting water and gas for the generator. Did some more cleaning, ie cupboards and wiping down the inside of the shower. I think its so much nicer to travel clean. Then when you arrive to your next destination, all you have to do it "set up" and not have to worry about dusting, sweeping, etc..........Tuesday, 3/24...Dan and I took a quad ride. Took some flower pictures and some more scenery pictures. You can tell by looking at the pictures that the desert is starting to look brown again, but the flowers are still pretty. I just know that there will be more flowers blooming after we leave here.BubbleShare: Share photos - Play some Online Games. We found another tunnel that went under I-10. We hadn't been through this tunnel. I like going under the freeway. Found one geocache and couldn't find the other one we were looking for. We went to a cache that I hid to make sure it was ok before we leave here............Wednesday, 3/25.....Dan and I went to Blythe, Ca today. He washed the truck. It looked pretty bad. Last time we drove back from Yuma, we got attacked by swarms of butterflies. The front of our truck was a butterfly slick, all yellow and puke green. He got them all washed off and wouldn't ya know it, but on the way back home another swarm hit us out on the freeway. At least it wasn't as bad this time. Seems like when all the yellow flowers bloomed, all these butterflies or colorful moths, showed up everywhere! I tried to take some pics of them alive cause they are kind of pretty, but I never could get up close to one. So I took some pics of them stuck on the front of the truck. hahahaha We got home from Blythe and Dan pressure washed the quad and put it in the garage. Then he climbed up on top of our rig and lowered the solar panels. We're suppose to be having high winds again, so he decided he better do it before the wind/dust storm hit.

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Gordon & Juanita said...

Hey Patty and Dan,

We have been lurking on your blog during the looks like you have had a great time there in the desert.

We are finally on the move after four months in the RGV...seems like such a short time though.

Arriving in East Texas today, we will be heading over to Louisiana on Sunday before heading on up to Vicksburg, Mississippi and up the Natchez Trace to Nashville. The Oregon coast is still on the agenda beginning June 25.

Take it easy on the highways once you get all the butterfly debris washed off...and of course, safe travels.....

Gordon and Juanita