Monday, July 06, 2009

Andrew and Dan hard at work Thursday, 7/2.......Today just about all the big stuff and boxes got loaded into the u-haul. Dan, Andrew, and a couple of Andrew's pals worked hard. I didn't carry any boxes. I was the cook. Dan's daughter Audrey, who is Andrew's twin, came with two of Dan's grands. Nicholas and Tiffany. The three of them are "camping out" in the back of her van. Its nice enough out to do something like that and the kids will probably like it. My dinner was most excellent. My slow cooker stew/soup tasted might fine. I also made a pasta salad, had garlic bread, watermelon, and pineapple. Oh, and I made some blueberry muffins for tomorrow's breakfast. Poor Tia had to work tonight. At least she went to work with a happy tummy! Dan with Gracie and Sidney, little mutts My sister is doing much better. Shes still in the hospital, but not for long. I won't go into all the gory details as to how she got the E.coli in her bloodstream, but the docs finally figured it out and at least know how to make her better.....Friday, 7/3. Tammy, Dan's oldest daughter, and her son Ryan came today. Audrey and kids spent the night so Dan got to have his three youngest grands around. He was real busy helping Andrew, but still found time get in a little "grands time". I had a great time with them and took alot of pictures. Ryan, Nicholas, Tiffany Nicholas and Ryan Dan (papa) with Nicholas and Ryan Me and Andrew HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today was VERY busy! Dan and Andrew had to do some work on his truck and that took a long time because they had to replace a broken caliper. Try and find a caliper on a holiday! They managed to do just that but had to drive 2 hours each way to go pick it up. They finally got the truck in good running order. Andrew and Dan working on the truck. Tia, checking out the map I'm still the cook. Our 5th wheel has become the "chuck wagon" as the house is now empty. They have a friend her helping them that has two kids with her, so cooking today was for 7 people. I did a big stir-fry. It turned out really good. I also made banana bread and more blueberry muffins. They'll be taking this stuff for snacks when they "hit the road". Dan has been working his butt off! Right now hes burning a bunch of stuff. Tia, Andrew, and their friend Charity are doing all the last minute stuff. Like cleaning the truck out, etc. All the stuff you do when you're moving out of a place. I'm sitting near a burn barrel watching Dan burn all the excess cardboard..Sunday, 7/5....We picked the right time to travel on a holiday weekend. We left Cle Elum at about 7am. Stopped by the rest stop to dump the black water then made good time getting back to my mom's yard. Hardly anyone on the road. Dan got our rig all set up and I took him to the ferry boat to Seattle. Andrew had been to say goodbye to his nephew, Caleb, and picked Dan up. They headed back to Cle Elum and will be leaving first thing Monday morning.......Monday, 7/6. Well, they are on the way to Tarpon Springs, FL. I had a lazy day. i'm real good at being lazy. hahahahahaha


Donna said...

HAHAHahahaaaa....I LOVE Nick and Ryans face making!!!Hahaaaa...

Sharon said...

The grandkids are sooo cute! I hope everything goes great on their trip to Florida. It was so nice of you to do all that cooking. I sure it was much enjoyed and appreciated. I am back at Andrea's again, so I am able to check out your blog. I pray Christine is doing well and will be home soon. Love ya!