Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saturday, 7/25...........Not much happening around here. Mom and her pal Barbara have been visiting. Dan got on the riding lawnmower and mowed and mowed and mowed. Looks good around here. I've been picking blueberries and Christine has shrink wrapped them for me. I've also picked the zucchini, cut it up, and she shrink wrapped that for me too. I'll be taking all this stuff with us to the "Q" when we go back, if I can fit it all in our little freezer. There are so many blueberries on the bushes, I wish I could ask everyone that read my blog to come and pick some berries for muffins, pie, etc. Dan went to pick up his mom and she is here staying with us for several days. She wanted to be here for the BBQ we're giving my mom for her birthday. The BBQ was a surprise but it was getting hard to cook, bake, etc without here asking about it. So, Christine suggested that we have a BBQ for Barbara, so thats what we're doing. Mom will be really surprised when alot of people show up and not just a few. This BBQ has been in the planning stages for almost 2 months. I have alot of work to do today. I'm making potato salad, rat-tails (jalapeno poppers), and deviled eggs. Maybe something more. Depends on how lazy I get. I made zucchini bread yesterday and it turned out real good. Its starting to get hot outside.........Tuesday, 7/28............The BBQ/birthday thing on Sunday 7/26 for my mom was just fabulous. Alot of people came and she sure was surprised! We had a ton of food and I think everyone went home fat and happy. Putting this together took alot of work, but it sure was worth it. I'll be putting pictures on here soon of the people that showed up. Dan and I took Barbara to the airport today and dropped Dan's mom, Mary, off at the assisted living place where she lives. Let me tell ya, our 5Th wheel gets small real quick when the sofa bed is pulled out and we have an extra person staying with us! The weather has been great. Hot, hot, hot! suppose to be in the triple digits for the next few days......Wednesday, 7/29....It has been hot! I guess we're making news because my pal Michelle in New Mexico heard about our unusual weather on her local newscast. It said 110 on my mom's outdoor thermometer today and 102 on ours here on the 5Th wheel. When I was out taking my PC in for repair, the temp thing on the local bank said 105 and that was at 11am! Hot, hot, hot for Bremerton! We have a/c here in our rig, but we're not using it. We have a couple of fans going. Thats good enough...........I wasn't gonna publish this entry without pictures, but I won't be getting my PC back for a few days. I like working with my pictures on the PC better then working with them on the laptop. I like the Windows XP that is on my PC better then the Windows Vista that is on the laptop. In my opinion, XP is easier to work with. Windows Vista just doesn't excite me too much. So, no pictures this time.


Donna said...

Hope everyone had a good time! And would you believe it? It's actually RAINING here!! Thank GOD!!!Hahaa...
Happy day to you!! Tell Dan he needs to bring that mower here and get Busy!!!hughugs

Anonymous said...

Patty worked extra hard on our moms party becuase i've been sick...but doing better..this was suppost to be a joint e3ffort but most of it fell on patty...THANK_YOU PATTY
Love ya Christine