Sunday, May 23, 2010

Well, we made it across that stupid Tehachapi Pass today. I wasn't very pleased to see the BIG sign saying "Gusty winds". It was windy, but not as bad as it could have been. We seen the sun for about 1 minute, it rained on us, and we had snow flurries right along with the stupid wind. I decided today that in a perfect world..... 1...There would only be light breezes. 2...Snow would only fall on other people. Not me and Dan. 3...The sun would shine brightly upon me and Dan. 4..."Arnold" in CA would fix I-5 so it wouldn't feel like a washboard in places. The road makes Dan's back hurt and when his back hurts, which is almost ALL the time, he tends to get grumpy. 5..."Arnold" would also open his closed rest areas. 6..."Arnold" would install mile marker signs. 7...It can rain, but with moderation. 8...Service stations would advertise the diesel fuel prices for credit cards in BIG numbers. Not tiny numbers below the BIG cash only price. 9...Our inverter would work perfectly all the time. And so would our generator, which is running right now cause we're parked at the back of a truck stop with no electric. 10..I guess thats enough for today. And thats just how being in parts of California make me think of all this stuff! We would NEVER live in the middle of California to the southern tip, near Mexico where all the crap happens. We try and get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. And, heaven forbid you get in the way of the cars going 70 to 85 mph! We can almost feel them right up our arse in the slow lane trying to kiss the ramp to our garage! Ok. I'm done. Dan says "You can tell that we've been living in the desert way too long. Isolated." Oh sigh. Back to the "rat race", noise, pollution, more noise, and more noise. Crap! And its still a long ways to Bremerton where we will be spending the summer on a noisy road with lots cars(and the road even has speed bumps)and people. Sure am glad this is my blog. I'll be getting off my soapbox now..........Now we are still sitting in truck stop parking lot. It will be our home for the night. The generator is going, the laptop is on my lap, the sun is actually shining, its warm out, and the tv is on. We are watching the "Lost" recap before the series finale. Dan and my sister Christine have watched this show since it started years ago. Since we've been "on the road" they still watch the show "together" and the phone line between them is very busy during the commercials. Maybe a new show will come on that will be just as good. Guess we'll see.


Russell and Debbie said...

lolol poor frustrated girl ! you will be in Oregon soon playing in the sand with that boy of yours .. then these things will be allllll bettah ... many extra hugs . Love you guys

jwilly said...

Hi Patty, I know exactly how you feel,, when we hit the roads here in Ca. I could have my eyes shut and when you cross the boarder ,,Oh,, we are in Ca. now, I feel the bumps the cracks in the highway etc. And the cars too that want to drive up the ,,,, and try to get in the toyroom. Yes, Yes I feel that feeling ,I wish that I could sell this place and go full time, Hope to see ya on your way up to Wash. Give us a call when you get in.. See ya,,Jer