Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Please remember my friend Paym to the right of this blog entry. Its almost one year since she was murdered and no arrests have been made. Thank you. _____________________________________________ Monday, 10/18.......Well, we got Dan's mom back up to Las Vegas to catch her flight on 10/15. We went there a day early and took her to Oatman, AZ and over Hoover Dam. Oatman is on Route 66 and is a neat old town/tourist trap. Then we for Hoover Dam. We drove over the old road as the new road wasn't open to drive on yet. I think the news people were setting up for the dedication and opening of the new road cause we seen lots of news people and event parking. We stayed at the Best Western right there at the airport. We rode the motel shuttle the next day to the airport to drop Mary off, then Dan and I headed back south. We decided to spend the night in Laughlin, NV instead of driving all the way to Quartzsite. We both needed some "down" time I guess. We walked around some of the casinos and ate the most wonderful seafood buffet at the Aquarius Casino. Next time we stay in Laughlin we will be staying at the Aquarius instead of the Edge Water. The Edge Water seemed old and smelled old and was dark. We loved going into the Aquarius. It was bright and upbeat and exciting. All good feelings. We'd go again just to be there on a Friday for the buffet..........Tuesday, 10/19, We are having a wind storm. We seem to get all the bad weather from Los Angeles. Wish it would go into Mexico instead. All the problems we've been having with our satellite dish and we finally get it fixed and working and look what happens! Is that Murphey's Law or what????????????? LOL LOL LOL..........So, here I sit writing in Word Pad on the laptop listening to the generator run, watching the tv mess up from the wind, and listening to the wind hit our rig. Just another night in the desert. OH! And now I hear raindrops! hahahahahahaha ______________________________________ Have to tell you about the experience Dan had with HP, Hewlett Packard, concerning my new laptop. It is still under warranty and the hard drive needs to be replaced. I went online to the HP website and hooked up with a "tech" via the HP chat. Everything was fine doing that because he or she was spelling the words to me in ENGLISH. It was finally determined that the laptop needs a new hard drive. Ok, fine. Send us one. Won't cost us anything. Dan got the phone call the next day after I was talking on the chat. They called to confirm the chat conversation and to get a address for delivery. Well, Dan could not understand anything the man on the phone was saying. I could hear most of the conversation and I couldn't understand him either. This person from wherever he was in the world was talking way to fast and had terrible broken English. Dan kept asking him to put his supervisor on the phone or at least someone that spoke better English. The man would not comply. Dan eventually hung up on him. I wrote two emails right after that putting in a complaint to customer service about the phone call and also sent an email to the CEO of HP. I got responses back from both emails. The representative of the CEO, apologized in a "form" email. In the response I got back from customer service, they asked for a good time to call back. I gave them a time and Dan received another phone call with someone on the other end who could speak decent English. At least good enough to take care of our needs. The new hard drive will be delivered via FedEx. I got a kick out of the note under the "CEO's letter" to HP customers who want to "voice their opinions" about the HP products and service. There is a line that says if you write in a foreign language, it will take longer to get back a response. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.......I find that to be REALLY funny. Oh well. At least the laptop will be working soon. Thank goodness for warranties! And, that is just one of our experiences with Hewlett Packard.............Wednesday, 10/20, We are still having "leftover" storm affects from Los Angeles. I woke up to not seeing any blue sky at all this morning and its been raining off and on. More off then on. Suppose to be 80 today. And this storm too shall pass.........I can't get any pictures onto my blog this time because of the stupid weather. Its that old muther nature again! I have some that I wanted to put on here, but will do it when the clear weather comes back in a couple of days and I have my new laptop back with it's new hard drive. Life is always interesting here in the desert. Oh! And last night we seen a good "light show" way off in the distance. Fork lightning. Glad it was far away. Ok. Hopefully pictures will be on here soon.

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Anonymous said...

wow. the aquarius seafood buffet idea is making me drool. wonder if we could hit there on a friday\/

if not, maybe we all will just have to take a little trip there!