Sunday, June 12, 2011

I've neglected my blog for several days now. We've started to take care of stuff we need to do for the summer. Bella has been to our regular vet for a good checkup, we've gotten a new 3/4" hose for our rig, we're in the process of getting a new motor for our front jacks(ours broke and needs help),and the doctor appointments start in a week for each of us. Thank goodness for that! Dan has also pressure washed the truck and my car. My poor little Pontiac Sunfire collects all kinds of crud from sitting all Fall/Winter/Spring waiting for me to come home and drive it. We won't be going anywhere this summer. Not after putting a new engine in the truck. We'll just stay here and take care of downsizing our storage more, doing maintenance on our 5th wheel(it really needs to be buffed out), and hanging out with our families. Bella is loving it here. Lots of stuff for her to explore out in the orchard. Heres a few pictures out having fun with her "papa". Shes a real kick to watch. My niece Jennifer and her little boy Mason are here at my mom's house visiting. She flew in from Illinois for her friend Tabitha's wedding........This is Jennifer and Mason. Niece Jennifer, great-nephew Mason, niece Melinda, and great-niece Gracie. Jennifer, Mason, and my sister Christine. Jennifer and her grandma, my mom, Mariane. LOL LOL LOL. Ya even have chores when visiting your grandma. I didn't ask her what she was cleaning up but I'm assuming she was following the "Mason trail" doing her mommy chore. Hey! Look at that picture on the left side of the row of pictures hanging on the wall. Hmmmmm. Looks like my graduation picture from a VERY long time ago. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Typical 60's pose and typical 60's hairdo. I'm feeling old with all these little "GREAT" nieces and nephews around.........We're missing the hot weather. While its been not too bad here, we miss seeing the sun almost everyday. I'm still running the furnace in the morning. It hasn't rained very much. People think it rains all the time here in Western Washington. Not true. Its just cloudy alot of the time and its a damp climate so you think its always should rain.

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Anonymous said...

My wife Kathy and I have been downsizing for a few years. We just sold our home on June 7th and have rented an appartment as our base. Being Canadians we are required to reside within our Province for at least 6 months of the year, or we would have our Medical Insurances and Old Age Pensions cut off. With the appartment if our belongings don't fit without making the place looking crowded or junky, they're history.
If you start having garage or yard sales to clean up what you know you won't need you might make enough to pay for that new engine, plus the money you'll save on the storage rent every month. A good rule is if you haven't used it in a year, don't need it in the next day or so, it's gone. If it was your mother's or grandmother's and you have fond memories of it take a picture. If it's a tool, you can always rent one. Give it away, sell it, or donate it to a worthy cause or charity for those less fortunate.
The freedom of not having to worry about it will free you of stress and worry and help you enjoy life more.
Rick R.
Windsor, Ontario, Canada