Monday, August 22, 2011

The Red Elvises! YOUR FAVORITE BAND!!!!!!!!!! Me, Dan, son Jason, and his Teresa went to see The Red Elvises in Port Townsend, WA. on August 17th. We LOVE listening to this band. Check them out at You might like them too. Port Townsend is a neat little town with lots of old buildings. Dan and I stayed the night after the concert while Jason and Teresa drove back to Bremerton. We stayed at the Belmont Hotel right on the main street. Our room had 12' high ceilings and old brickwork on part of the walls. Old doors, woodwork, etc. I like old stuff. The small concert was at the Upstage Restaurant. We ate there which we really didn't like but we did like the inside of the place as it was in another old building. We had a great time and will go see them perform any chance we get. Dan looking out our hotel room window. Inside our room.Love the old door and bricks.No elevator in this building. Just this old, long staircase. Jason and Teresa looking up at me.The Belmont Hotel with the high windows.Ferry leaving Port Townsend.Jason and Teresa on the lower part of the dock.Jason and Teresa on the dock with some of the old buildings in the background.The Upstage where we seen The Red Elvises. The building is old. You can see a door on the side of the wall. I don't think you'd wanna walk through that door to the outside.Red Elvis flyer outside the building.The Red Elvises!!!!!!!!!!Dan, Oleg, and me. We met Oleg through our friends Jim and Carol Butcher. He brought his family to visit them in the desert in Arizona where we camp. What a nice guy!Jason and Teresa dancing. They play the kind of music that you either have to get up and dance or yell/sing/clap/or all. I know that when I hear them playing I can't sit still. The hands are clapping, toe is tapping, and my voice gets pretty weak from yelling and singing. I love it!Red Elvises. Over the weekend of August 20 and 21 we stayed real busy. On the 20th we drove to see Dan's mom Mary. She lives in Maple Valley, WA. Dan's younger brother Ed came to see us there. That was cool. We ate lunch with her and just hung out visiting her and Ed. On the way home we took a little drive along the waterfront in Tacoma. It was a long day, but a good one. Brother Ed and Dan. I couldn't resist this picture. To the right of the hall is the dining room. You can see the mode of transportation.Ed, mom Mary, and Dan.We were along the waterfront in Tacoma and I snapped this picture of Mt. Rainier. Too bad the power poles were in the way.August 21st was Nicholas' 7th birthday, one of Dan's grands. We gathered at a park for eats and cake. I think he had a good time. Can't believe hes 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Birthday boy is in the camo helmet.Do I look like I'm 7 now?Dan's oldest grand, Caleb. I think he was out in the field throwing a football with someone.Dan with his grand, Tiffany. They were watching a black bug crawl on her arm. She likes bugs. LOL LOL LOL After the gathering we drove to his daughter Audrey's apartment, stayed for awhile, then ventured to the ferry boat for a ride home. Thank goodness it didn't rain! As I'm writing this, it is raining out. Oh sigh. We did go alot of days without any rain.


Malone said...

well, I just found you through Sam and Donna, and wow, the Red Elvis's! My daughter's favorite band, but she couldn't go because her band was having a reunion show that night in Albany, Oregon. And a great cat! seems as though I am going to have to follow your blog!

Patty, Dan, Bella, and Bonehead in spirit said...

Hi Malone.....Thanks for finding my blog. I'll be reading your blog. It looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!