Thursday, August 25, 2011

We FINALLY are seeing some blue sky and warmer weather! At least the blackberries and our one tomato plant are loving it. Seeing grey and cloudy skies really gets ya down after awhile. We've been outside with Bella in the nicer weather......We've been trying to get our "to do" list done on our 5th wheel. Its slow going but it will all get done in the next 4 weeks. Then we'll be ready to travel right on out of Bremerton. I guess that I'll start downsizing our rig for travel. Yup! We even have to downsize a 40' 5th wheel after being parked for awhile. At least we'll leave here a little lighter because all the Arizona desert rocks that we pick up when out riding the quad, will be left here in my mom's garage. Hoping that family members will come pick out some rocks for their flower gardens. They are pretty cool rocks. Maybe I should see if the local rock club wants them to play with.......My sister is now the proud "mommy" of the little mutt in the pictures below. A weenie dog, aka, as a Dachshund. His name is Max. Hes a cute little rolly polly guy and keeps Christine busy. Bella and him are not the best of buddies sometimes, but they play a little bit. Hes funny to watch. His short little legs can't keep up with how fast his brain wants to go! I'm sure he'll be good company for Christine and Mom during the winter months. He'll be very entertaining. Christine is now officially a member of the "poop and scoop" club. Maybe I should buy her some small baggies for the scooping part as a "little weenie dog baby gift". LOL LOL LOL Bella wondering why "Aunt Chris" put Max on her cat perch. Hmmmmm. It should be interesting traveling with this cat perch in our living room. We have two slides up front in our living room so I'm guessing when they slides come in, the cat perch will have lay in the middle on it's side for travel. Sure don't want it standing up when we're going on down the road! I guess that will work. Bella has to have her place to sit/lay/play too and she loves her cat perch. One small weenie dog at play Heres the first blackberries of the season. The sun had been out for a couple of days and the berries were liking that. Think I'll be making a cobbler soon. I put some pictures of Bella eating the new shoots on the blueberry bushes, but she was getting some help here from Dan. She pulls the branches towards her with her paws and then starts chomping. Shes too funny. Have you all been listening about the news on the earthquake back East? Must have been a real eye opener for people that have never experienced one. We seem to always be waiting for another "big one" to hit the West coast and then a quake hits in a place where its "not the usual thing" to happen. Interesting. Mother nature sure is a brat sometimes!

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ryan said...

Hi papa and pattye. I love the new weiner dog. I have been trying to get my daddy to get me a weiner dog. He says maybe when I spend more days at his house. I Want one NOW. I miss you and had fun with my daddy at Seaside. We just got home and i have to go to school tomorrow. Hope to see u before you go