Friday, October 21, 2011

Dan has repaired all the propane lines. No leaks. WOOHOO! He tried to repair the little slit in the side but you can still see it. Until we figure out how to make it look better, I'm gonna find some kind of sticker to put over it. Like an "ouch" sticker.........I haven't taken any pictures of where we are because its just parking spaces out in a big dirt lot. KOA won't let anyone take their animals onto the grass as its a small putting green. Dan was walking her and she was on the grass outside the roped off area and they wouldn't let her play on the grass there either. Oh well. Their rules. All she wanted to do was eat some grass. Guess we're gonna have to start buying wheat grass in the veggie department at Albertsons or Walmart again......Its been very warm here. Yesterday it was hot with no breeze. We finally turned the A/C on for awhile until sunset, then we opened some little windows and had the fantastic fans working. They send a good breeze from one end of our rig to the other. I personally don't like the A/C. I like having the windows open.....Ok. This was just a short blurb to say that we have functioning propane lines again. Sure am glad Dan is a handy man and can fix all the stuff that breaks on our rig! Any ideas for getting off the black tire marks on the white skirt of our rig? Dan has been trying different stuff, but just haven't figured it out yet.


Kevin said...

As far as your black tire marks, I would try WD-40 or maybe some carb cleaner. Good Luck

Patty, Dan, Bella, and Bonehead in spirit said...

Thanks Kevin. Dan will trying that. We'll let ya know.