Sunday, October 30, 2011

Its been so nice out here in the desert during the day. High 80's/low 90's since we've been here. Been in the low 50's at night. When the sun sets it starts to get chilly. Not quite cold enough to turn the heater on, but at about 4am we sometimes turn it on to get the chill out of our rig. I've been out and about on the quad by myself. Just checking out whats different in Quartzsite and stopped by the dollar store.......We had a small campfire as the sun was setting. The different colors reflecting back on the desert are pretty. The setting sun is to the right of the pictures. It starts getting dark so early now that the sun is totally gone by 6pm, then its dusk and we start looking for night critters and Bella goes inside. Last night Bella and I heard a thump on the top of our rig. About 9pm and its pitch black outside. Dan didn't hear it as his ears don't work so good sometimes. We heard tiny foot steps. It was too strange. I was wondering if the Quartzsite area has small owls. I thought of a bat but I don't think a bat would walk on top of our rig. I guess I'll be looking up nocturnal birds that live in the Sonoran Desert.


Malone said...

there are some really nifty little owls there that live in the saguaros. I would have to look them up as well, but I'll bet that is what it was. Love reading about Bella's adventures. I still keep Jeremy on a leash when outside camping since he would just love to wander off into who knows what.

Patty, Dan, Bella, and Bonehead in spirit said...

Hi Malone......Thanks for reading my blog. I've been looking up the owls online. There are several. It had to be an owl I'm thinking. I wish Dan could hear better cause he was giving me a bad time telling me I had a case of the "imagine-naries". ha!