Thursday, March 22, 2012

Well, Bella had some excitement today. Dan and I were outside walking around with Bella today when her and I seen a big lizard(Dan didn't see it). Not the little bitty 2 inchers that she chases, but this one was about 10" from snout to the end of his tail, just guessing. She chased it into a hole in the ground and waited and waited for it to come back out, it didn't so she finally gave up and went off elsewhere. I decided to walk back to our rig to get Dan some water and happened to walk by the creosote bush that it was hiding under and seen it halfway out of the hole. I got several good pictures of it, called Bella, she came running and scared it back into the hole. She decided to "stand guard" over the hole again. While she was laying there waiting for it to come out, I went inside and got my National Audubon Society, Field Guide to the Southwestern States book. I found a picture of the lizard. It turned out to be a Desert Iguana. This is the biggest lizard that we've seen so far that is so close to our rig. The creosote bush was right outside our back door. This cat was VERY excited and VERY patient. She lay at the hole for about 1/2 hour waiting,waiting,waiting, but she finally gave up as she was partially in the hot sun and shes not very fond of being in the sun very long. By time we take her out again today, the lizard will probably realize that the big grey thing "standing guard" at the hole under the bush, is gone and will "beat lizard feet" out of there. LOL LOL............And here is the creosote bush the lizard was hiding under.The hole he went into. The little yellow flowers are one of his favorite things to eat. I read that online.Here is he/she (guess I should say that cause I don't know what gender it was) looking out the hole as I walked by with my camera. It instantly froze, as in, trying to become invisible. Here is Bella patiently waiting for it to come back out again. Her left arm is all dusty because she stuck it all the way in the hole trying to "coax" it to come out. I told her NO right away. I didn't know what kind it was yet and didn't want her to get bit. I'm thinking that it probably backed away farther underground to avoid the snaky looking grey furry arm. lol lolHe/she finally decided to poke it's head out I guess to see if it was safe to "make it's escape". Nope. Bella was right there looking at it.Bella finally gave up and came inside for food/water/and a nap. I actually think she was a little leery of it because of it's size. Anyway, thats our exciting day.


Anonymous said...

GREAT photos...that lizard (iguana) was probably lucky Kitty didn't catch "her". :)

Patty, Dan, Bella, and Bonehead in spirit said...

I wouldn't have let her catch it. She pretty much responds to Bella NO. She sure was curious......