Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Well, hi there Bella. Doesn't she just look too cool sitting up in the tree? Shes not fond of wearing her pink harness, but it kind of keeps her "in check" when we're in an RV park.
This is where we stayed in Wikieup, Arizona for 2 nights. It was a little "mom and pop" park called Hidden Oasis RV Park. It was a great find. Bella had a good time walking around this little park. Wikieup seems like its out in the middle of nowhere. You would have to drive about 40 miles just to go grocery shopping.
This was a cute little boardwalk across a dry wash. Our rig is the one on the left side of the picture.
Dan and Bella went for walks across the little walkway. She liked walking on the rail.

And, this is where we are now. Canyon Trail RV Park in Boulder City, NV. We'll be staying here for 4 nights. Its not a bad park. Roomy and open. Bella is ok with being here but not only does she have to wear her harness, Dan puts her on the leash too. Shes doing ok with it so far.

Shes been out walking and exploring. We're not doing much here. Just a place to hang out for awhile. I'm looking out the window and I can actually see rain drops hitting the windows. Whats with that? Its been cloudy, gray, and gloomy. Guess we've been spoiled too long with seeing a blue sky almost everyday!

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