Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dan and I went to the Lucky Eagle Casino for the Friday night seafood buffet. OMG! It was MOST excellent! Usually the fish on the buffet is fried or breaded, something I can't eat. This time there was 4 different types of fish that had been grilled. Made me a happy camper. All the years I've lived in the Puget Sound area and had access to crab, I'd never eaten snow crab and dungeness crab in one sitting. I never realized how salty snow crab is. It was awful after having the dungeness. No more snow crab for me. Even if its mostly always the cheapest in the grocery stores, I'll wait until I can buy dungeness. What a difference! After eating we went out into the casino to each spend our 20 bucks a piece. I sat down at a slot machine that I'd never seen before and the next thing I knew, I was 130 bucks and change ahead. YIPPEE! Time to quit. Cashed out and walked out with money in my pocket. Dan came out 9 cents ahead. LOL LOL LOL. Better then being in the hole.

WOOHOO! Dan's youngest daughter Audrey stopped by the RV park with her kids to see us. They are out and about on a little holiday and we were on their way.  We had a short visit and then they were on their way. We hadn't seen them since we left Bremerton last summer. Audrey always seems to end up wherever we are parked before we get home...This fella below is Caleb who just turned 16. Dan's oldest "grand".
This big guy is Nicholas. He gave me the big smile so we could see his current missing tooth.
Here is Dan with Tiffany, one of two girl "grands".
Audrey with her dad.
Gotta put Bella in here. Shes been so good when out walking on the leash, even though she doesn't like it.
Different flowers around the RV park. Not gonna look up the names of the ones I don't know or can't remember. Just enjoy the pretty colors.

Oh, look! Dan and Patty are staying at this park. Thats their rig in the right hand corner. lol lol lol....Cool looking "Christmas tree".

Pretty rhododendrons

Seen these workers out in the field working. The fields are across the street from the RV park. Dan thinks they were weeding cucumbers. I had seen them earlier in the day harvesting some sort of lettuce. Maybe bib lettuce.

Dan and Bella out walking. They were checking out the workers in the field.

Just another pretty flower.
Now, I know the name of this one. Wisteria........

And yet another color rhododendron

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