Thursday, May 03, 2012

Here are some more pictures of when we were riding out in the dunes. As you can see its not all sand. Lots of hard pan trails and HUGE rocks.

Here is one of the places that 4x4's try and climb. It probably looks like its easy to climb, but its short and steep. There are several more places out in the rocks like this.
We thought this looked like a boat. Now called it a "rock yacht". LOL LOL LOL.
I didn't wanna go up this very steep and short rock so I took a picture instead. Dan had to lean WAY forward to get the quad up.
This guy was about 9 inches from head to toe and blended right in with the ground.

Tomorrow is May 4th and we're leaving here. We really like the Hurricane, Utah area and it would be a nice place to have a small piece of property. Oh sigh. Nice to dream........

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