Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Happy Birthday on May 1st to my sister Karen and my friend Debbie........Thank goodness for the first of the month. Payday! Didn't think it would ever come. Dan and I headed to Washington, Utah to the Super Walmart for "once a month" grocery shopping, got some propane, fueled up the truck, and got gas for the quad. Chores. Dan took a short putt into the dunes and played around for awhile. All in all, it was a good day and it was nice outside..........The pictures below are from a ride we took together. It was only 20 miles but it was the longest 20 miles I'd experienced in a long time. Its a different kind of riding here then it is in Quartzsite. Half the time we are in sand dunes and the other half is spent in the rocks. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

The lake seems to be higher then when we seen it last. Its creeping up around the picnic tables

Oh geeeezzzzz. I'm gonna have to go look up the name of this. I've put pictures of this flower on my blog before, but do you think I can remember the name? 

                               Following one of the fence lines out in the dunes
This is called the century plant. We've never seen the blooms on it before. Pretty cool.

Some of the red rock formations. On some of the rock walls you can see where people have tried to climb them in their 4x4's.
A pencil cholla. You WOULD NOT want to come into direct contact with this cactus.
                                OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
             Dan is gonna try and climb this hill. Our poor quad just doesn't have enough horse power.

Some of the view coming back from our ride in the next two pictures.. You can just see the lake. We are way up in the dunes.

Looking down at part of the lake and our campground. We sure look small way down there.

And, the sun is shining today and we'll be heading out on another ride early this afternoon. We are trying to ride all we can because our poor quad will just be sitting in my mom's garage all summer unless Dan gives his grands rides on it around the yard. If we wanna go riding back in Bremerton, we have to load the quad up in the truck and haul it somewhere. I guess we're really spoiled because we most always can ride from whatever campground we are staying in.

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