Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We've been parked here 4 nights and it seems like a very long time. We really like it here. Having a piece of property would be nice to have in the Umatilla area. Or over across the Columbia on the way to Kennewick. I personally love the open spaces without all the big trees. That sounds kind of bad seeing as I was raised on the Kitsap Peninsula in Bremerton. LOTS of trees!!!!!!!!!!!! I just like vast openness like in the picture below..........Dan got his drivers license. Thats one thing he can cross of his "to do" list. I went to Safeway while he was doing the "waiting game" at the DOL and then after he was done we went to Starbucks. We hadn't been to a Starbucks since the middle of April. I've been in the little town of Umatilla at the laundry mat and we've just been hanging out here at home. Bella loves climbing all the big trees here. We couldn't see the solar eclipse but we did see about 50 shades of grey and white clouds that was covering it. hahahahahahahahaha. I guess it was a cool thing to see. Later that day, well actually at night, we had thunder and lightning and rain rain rain. Today its windy. Wouldn't have been the best travel day. We leave here tomorrow, 5/23, and head out on I-84 along the Columbia River. Hoping to take some pictures tomorrow.

We tried to take Bella down to the beach but it didn't work. The traffic on the bridge, the noisy boats in the water, and the waves slapping up on shore scared her. She just wasn't sure about it all. We've been watching big barges go under the bridge. Pretty cool. Haven't had my camera with me to take any pictures yet.

This is looking the other way from the beach. Our rig is the one in the middle. We got the only spot along the water that our satellite dish didn't have to try and "look" through big trees. hahahahaha.

This little ball of green came from a Sycamore tree. Kind of cool looking. I have it sitting on top of my diet tea bottle. I had to ask the camp host what kind of tree it came from. I had no idea.

This is the next step at to what it looks like. Strange. If I could get a picture of the final step of the "ball" all in tact, that would be cool. They turn into fluffy fly away things. I stepped on some of these and they just fall apart and if its windy, fly away.

Here is a picture of one starting to change into the fluffy stuff. I tried to pick up some of the ones that changed all the way, but they just fall apart in between your fingers. I put this picture in later then the others and can't figure out how to get it even with the other pictures. grrrrrrrrrr. Something I'll have to work on I suppose. My blog site is forcing me to use Google Chrome and its way different then IE.

And, did you really expect that the blog entry wouldn't have a picture of Bella? LOL LOL LOL

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