Thursday, June 21, 2012

The sun was all day today and it was so nice to feel some warmth. Dan feels better so he took the quad out of our garage and now its parked in my mom's garage. We were pretty busy doing stuff on or around our rig.........The picture below are just fun pictures, messing around in mom's back yard. I found this pretty butterfly and took some pictures. Had to look it up on the internet and this is what is was......."The swallowtails are the largest butterflies of the Pacific Northwest, with the tiger swallowtails attaining a wingspan of near 4 inches. The pale tiger swallowtail is the most common swallowtail in our area, and is commonly seen in backyards as it is over forest clearings. It favors nectaring at such flowers as teasel, milkweed, thistles, butterfly bush, mints, and lilacs. The larvae, seen beginning in August, commonly feed on willows, aspen or cottonwood, alder, and the orchard trees in the genera Prunus and Pyrus. The large yellow wings have black stripes trailing from the leading edge, and the backs of the wings are trimmed with a thick band of black. The range of the Western Tiger Swallowtail is basically the western half of the United States, from Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico on the east to southern British Columbia, south to southern California and Arizona."

Me and Bella just enjoying the day.
Poor Max is wearing the "cone of shame" as he had "boy dog surgery".
Bella checking Max out.
They were playing but I think Bella had the "upper paw" this time.
They were too funny to watch.
Bella had another cat come and visit. They seemed to have a good time playing and chasing each other.
I am really pleased with this picture. They chased each other, didn't try and fight, and seemed to be having a good time.
Now  when Bella goes outside, she sits and watches the direction of the apartments next door where the two cats have come from.


Donna said...

Hello! It's been awhile since I last paid a visit! I see you still have my cooking blog on your blogroll!Hahaa..Thank you! It's bee quite a while since I posted any recipes there...I Really need to do another!
LOVE the new kitty, Bella! She's Beautiful!
Have a sweet and peaceful evening!!

Patty, Dan, Bella, and Bonehead in spirit said...

Hi there Donna. It has been awhile. I'm glad ya came back to say hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! Patty