Sunday, June 17, 2012


Dan and I went to Seattle on 6/13 for the first of his VA appointments. Hate going to that depressing VA hospital but Dan has to "do his thing". He'll be having stuff done to his back at the end of July. We're both happy about that because he'll not be in pain all the time. I took a few pictures of when we were parked in Seattle waiting to take the ferry back to Bremerton. Nothing special. Just the Seattle skyline, etc........This scavenger was hanging out by the truck looking for it's next hand out.
Could not see the space needle from where we are parked. Ferry terminal is in the foreground.
Looking the opposite way at all the big cranes. Wouldn't it be cool if they all came to life and started moving towards Seattle? LOL LOL LOL
More Seattle skyline with the Alaska Way viaduct to the right. I guess Seattle is tearing it down.
Looking at where the ferry will dock.
Here comes the ferry boat. Its a smaller boat.
And, we are boarding.
So, another day gone by trying to drive in the Seattle traffic. Its hard as the streets are all ripped up and you gotta follow detours.........Dan is spending Fathers Day just chilling. He had a 100 temp when we were at the VA and has lost his energy. The temp seems to be gone most of the time now but the energy hasn't returned, so today is chill day. We were suppose to have some of his family over but he cancelled as he felt he wouldn't be good company. There will be other family days coming up though.

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