Monday, June 04, 2012

We are back in Bremerton. It only took us 6 weeks to drive from Quartzsite, AZ to Bremerton, WA. LOL LOL LOL LOL.........Its been cold and we're both wearing coats. Bella sure doesn't mind the cool weather but she sure hates the wet grass. Shes always trying to shake the wet off her paws. Its funny. Mom and my sister Christine we're VERY glad to have us back. They can have us for the summer. (Are you reading this Christine? haha) After being in quiet Quartzsite its NOISY here. Neighbors, dogs, kids, cars with LOUD music, a neighbor who is playing his drums as I'm writing this and he doesn't sound any better then last summer. Had to go get license tabs for my car so now we'll have a gas saver to drive around town.....Here are a few pictures. Its gonna be busy being here............Going over the Tacoma Narrows bridge.
Here is a partial view of coming into Bremerton. What you're seeing is an old aircraft carrier that is sitting in the mothball fleet at Puget Sound Navel Shipyard. Not sure which one it is.
Ivy Road. The road I grew up on. This road was WAY out in the country "in the day", but now its a busy neighborhood and people love to speed, even over the speed bumps. Guess because the word speed is in the speed bump sign, they think they can go faster. Stupid people.
Oh! Theres my car just waiting for me to put new license tabs on it.
Bella meeting up with Christine's weenie dog Max. They met last summer but I guess the butt sniffing just had to happen again.
Me and a happy Mom.
Dan with a happy Mom.
And we are setting up our home.
A pretty smelly flowering bush in Mom's yard. Forgot its name.

Bella found a new place to explore and hide. She had her fun then she jumped into Dan's arms when it was time to come down.
She discovered the trees in the orchard and loves climbing them.
This seems to be her place while in Mom's house until we get a cat perch for her. She can stay away from Max when shes up on the fridge.
My niece Melinda, hubby Steve, son Caleb, and daughter Grace brought the ham for dinner.
Steve and Melinda doing the dishes I think. Steve looks a little "iffy". I love the younger generation cause they have taken over the job I used to do after meals. Dishes!!!!!!!!!
Here is Grace sitting in Bella's chair.
I haven't been able to get a picture of my sister yet. She seems to not be around when I have my camera out.

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