Saturday, June 09, 2012

WOOHOO! The sun is trying to peek through the clouds. Not sure its gonna be that successful. We'll see. We've just been hanging out, doing everyday things, and waiting for things to try and dry up. Everyday stuff, as in, playing outside with Bella, running errands, etc. Always errands to take care of. Dan managed to mow the half way wet lawn and orchard in between rain showers. The yard always looks so good after its mowed. Today he gets to empty the black water. Oh boy. Goes right into my mom's septic tank. Really convenient for us. My son Jason stopped by and hung out with us for awhile on his day off. Thats always nice. Next week Dan starts some of his VA appointments. Gonna go fight for a parking place at the big, depressing VA (veteran) hospital in Seattle.......And, Dan just went to pump the black water and there is a bolt broken on the macerater. Oh sigh. Guess we're gonna head out and find the right bolt for it......

This has been around the temp since we've been back in Bremerton. Then consider the wind chill and the rain. Feels more like its November then June. The sun tries to peek at us once in awhile.
Bella had a visitor in between rain showers. Looked like a young male cat. They were flirting and playing. No growling going on here. We think he came from the apartment complex next door. Dan was laying in the half wet grass. Guess its time to set some outdoor chairs around the orchard.

You can tell it was cold with the heavy jacket hes wearing.
Max, Christine's one year old weenie dog.
LOL LOL LOL. Its always so hard to make my sister smile. I was making her laugh here.

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